Do people automatically assumed that your speedy with shoulder strap is a fake?

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  1. #1 Feb 6, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2010
    Hi everyone~

    I am usually at the Chanel forum. But I own 10 LV bags and quite a few pieces of accessories. (I prefer the durability of LV wallets over Chanel, BV and Dior ones.) Anyway, I am curious to know for those of you who own should straps for speedies or other bags, do you get strange looks from people who automatically assume that your bag is fake because of the strap? I have personally seen speedies with straps and thanks to TPF, I know one can get the strap from LV store or website for added functionality/convenience.

    I don't own any speedy myself. The reason I asked is because I saw on the facebook purseblog page that someone made that assumption (and it's not the first time I've seen it). I know you can't control what other people think but I am a little bummed to see the comment on how someone automatically *knows* a speedy is fake when she saw someone else's speedy with a shoulder strap at walmart... I know fake speedies are everywhere but I know there are plenty of authentic ones out there.

    I am not trying to put anyone down... Bottomline is, I wouldn't know better without the wealth of info on TPF.
  2. I usually do...but I can tell a fake STRAP from a non I'm close enough I can make the call. But, I realise that its to the point where a rude LV SA questioned one of my bags bought from that very store. fakes have gotten quite I don't notice fakes unless they have like...messed up mono or something major. Otherwise I assume the person did the right thing by buying authentic goods.
  3. Not at all. Some people are just :sick: There are some authentic shoulder straps from LV that can be used with the speedy and there are some vintage straps that fit it too so that girl was just ill informed. Jokes on her. :lol::lol:
  4. i don't. i assume it's fake if the speedy has feet. :biggrin:
  5. hahaha!
  6. Yes, I've had people question my speedies because of the straps. I like to hook a strap on in the event that I need to be "hands free" for some reason, like at a counter signing a charge slip! :graucho: I use a strap on my Epi speedy, my Mini Lin speedy, and on my Gucci doctor bag (sort of the same as a speedy). The only speedy that I don't hook a strap onto is my Monogramouflage; I'd rather have a black strap with gold hardware for that one versus one that is all vachetta. Funny thing is that I also get questions when I hook a strap onto my Deauvilles, and the hardware on those is made for attaching a strap...Go figure. Jealousy? :sick: I think so...
  7. I don't have a speedy with a trap, but I do have a speedy. Anyway if I see someone with a strap it is just like looking at any other LV that people carry. I tell if they are real or fake a mile away. The strap doesn't weigh heavy on my decision.
  8. For me, I just enjoy my LVs. I truly don't pay attention to what other people have: real or fake
  9. I wouldn't assume, but I honestly don't like speedies at all with straps. I think it's better to buy a shoulder bag or something like a trevi if you want to put it on your shoulder. I think speedies look really strange with a strap.
  10. I agree. A lady came into the store that I work at with her speedy carried on her shoulder with a long strap, and I had to look twice to see that her bag was real. Plus, she wasn't carrying anything else so I don't see why she couldn't just carry her bag on her arm!
  11. i wouldn't. i don't need a strap to tell if the bag is fake. but i can see why some people would. more than likely, they also think that every lv they see is fake, and don't even recognize damier canvas as lv.
  12. Feet! :roflmfao: I can't even imagine that, but I'm sure someone's counterfeited it that way.

    I don't have any LV myself, but there is a woman near my work that has a crossbody strap (maybe from an Eva?) on her Speedy and when I saw it, it never occurred to me it shouldn't be there.

    I had just gotten a Coach Hailey (has a removable crossbody strap) and I thought for a while that ALL Speedys came that way and most people took theirs off!

    She sure needed it one day, she had the Speedy on crossbody, a large NF on one shoulder and a huge non-LV tote in her other hand, all stuffed!
  13. I have straps on my speedys. I keep them inside my bags and use them once in a while.
    I would like to get a damier shoulder bag but I am waiting for the new ones to arrive in europe. Probably a damier ebene totally and a azur NF.

    I use an old noe strap on my speedy azur. It maches perfectly!
    I would not use the strap all the time.
  14. LOL- I just responded to that post on facebook TPF. The woman doesn't know her stuff....I prefer the speedy without the strap, but its ok when you are juggling child, groceries, diaper bag....I actually like when people look twice at my bags.