do people at work seemed shocked that

  1. you paid so much for a handbag? People at work ask if my bag is real and how much it was and when I answer their question their jaws drop. I feel a little embarassed sometimes because of it!
  2. I think it's rude for people to ask how much something was. Whatever happened to manners?!
    I usually smile and say that it was a gift from my adoring husband so I really don't know. However, it's a (insert item) so you can look it up, if you're really interested.
  3. it depend a lot on what kind of industry you work in. high corporate positions or media/fashion industry, most of the time, the people who work there likely have a designer bag or know the names of high-end designer. don't care about your colleagues. carry it well with confidence.
  4. couldnt be bothered, its my money!
  5. Why tell them how much it costs? Tell them to go to the store and look. I have a rule in place that I say nothing about prices to ANYONE.
  6. I find such questions rude and my reply is usually indicative of that.
  7. I do admit that whenever I carry a new bag, all of the girls notice right away and comment on it. They call me the purse queen in pure fun. No one has asked me how much I paid, but they know that the bags are on the little expensive side.
  8. All the time! :yes: :rolleyes:
  9. Yup, happens to me all the time. If I am carrying a Coach wristlet people will be like "That must have cost you 200.00" when it really only costs me maybe $50.00. I also always get "Is it real..."
  10. people at work know me as a handbag collector, so now it's almost expected. since it's just a part-time retail job (i'm a student), none of us make very much, so when someone asks how much my bag was i usually just say "believe me, it was too much!" and they get the point that i'd rather not say without me being rude. i definately understand them wanting to know the price, i just don't want to shock anyone!
  11. Same here. They kind of make me feel weird for spending so much on a bag but hey its my money. As long as my bills are paid, I buy what I want!
  12. I agree with the previous posters that asking about price is rude. You will find that those who ask about it are the ones who are either unfamiliar with high end products or just plain don't appreciate it. It's better to feign innocence about the cost.
  13. I think they assume that I'm buying it with my husband's money, because he's older. Which is kind of annoying. I realize and am thankful that we have a nice house because he was saving for years before I met him, but at the same time I work and certainly contribute to the household finances so why wouldn't I be able to buy it with my money? (In reality, of course, it's all our money).
  14. By the way, if anyone asks, I also reply, "too much!" I only tell one secretary at work how much I make b/c she also has a purse addiction.
  15. sorry - how much I PAID, not how much I make.