Do people ask you if your City is fake???

  1. there are so many counterfited b-bags that most people do not know of the existance of the original version.

    some who knows of b-bags asked if mine is real because they thought i am not the sort to spend that much on a bag. they were compeled to ask because they thought my b-bag looked too nice to be fake :smile:

    it made me feel good that the bag spoke for itself. that is how good products are supposed to be recognized, not by their labels. yes?

    but we hear of gals whose b-bag authenticity was put into question. does that make you feel that your b-bag is not as nice as it should be? for the price that we pay for it people should be able to tell that there is something definitely different and wonderful about the bag, no?

    i mean, if you paid over $1000 for one, and they think it is worth $90, then, do you feel that maybe, it actually looks $90...?

    sorry to ponder about such superfluous thing!
  2. I have found that the people that generally ask "is it real" are people who dont know much about the brand, or handbags in general or are just curious I guess...

    I dont really get offended, coz I can understand why some people would ask that question out of curiosity.

    Mind you, if they do ask me that - I tell them it is, and then educate them about difference betweeen fakes/ the real thing and about the brand Balenciaga...

    Good excuse to rant on about Bal too! :p
  3. in my experiences...
    for people who don't know about bags, they would'n know it's a balenciaga, they would say that my bag is nice. no questions of fake or not, they don't even know it's a designer bag.
    for people know about bags & fashion, honey, the leather on the b bags speak for itself, they never questioned if it's fake or not. i was walking with a friend who owned a fake black city and when we go together adn i'mw earing my black city, it's obvious which one is real and not.

    i don't worry a bit, people can wondered as long as they want, but what matters is me enjoying the bag :p
  4. I always receive compliments from my frnds & colleagues abt me carrying my bags....sometimes, they even asked me wat brand is that and how to get it and how much did i pay as well......what i think is, pple will admire the bags that you carry as long you can hold them well......:greengrin: :greengrin: :greengrin: :greengrin: :dothewave:
  5. I hate it when people ask "is it real?" I feel like saying "Do I look like the kind of person that would carry a fake?" Yeah I feel upset.:sad:
  6. i suppose i am not upset or offended or anything like that. just a tad concerned that a bag i paid over $1000 might look like a $90 bag... so far, it has not :p
  7. Asking anyone if their bag is real is pretty tasteless, catty, or both. I would never dream of asking someone that type of question. ITA with seahorseinstripes.....there are some people who wouldn't know a designer bag from a Walmart bag, and those who are in the know shouldn't have to ask. JMO
  8. I have to agree with you. I would'nt dream of asking somebody if thier bag is real, just as I wouldn't ask them if their diamond ring is "diamonique"!??! :shrugs: To me it is just plain rude. If I see somebody carrying or wearing something I like, I simply tell them it's beautiful and move on.
  9. hmm, i live near a city where literally every imaginable counterfeit is produced!! its famous for its bags, hence a lot of poeple have fakes.. (they sell a b bag for around 300 Euros ... its those really really good counterfeits...:wtf: )
    but i dont care what other people think of my bags.. all of my bags are real. and i dare anyone ask me if they are fake? if they do, ill tell them: what do you think? or YES!
    its never good to create envy and jealousy... let people believe what they want:p
    i obviously pay a certain amount for a bag because i think its worth it.. if i thought it looked like a 90$ bag, id pay only 90$:yes:
  10. the one and only time someone questioned the authenticity of my bbag was when I stepped into a reseller shop to while away time as my friend was late. The reseller started by exclaiming whilst pointing to my bbag "oh! that's a fendi spy" :blink: huh??!!! After I told her it's a bbag, she scrutinised it for a moment and proudly declared that "It's a fake!" :mad: :noggin: For crying out loud, as a reseller, shouldn't she know her stuff? And if she doesn't, then I think she'd have just kept quiet. JMHO

    Anyway, this reseller does business online too, and last I checked, she has a fake bbag for sale!!! :wtf:
  11. On Saturday, in Ikea, an Italian mom pointed out my City to her daughter. On Ventura Blvd, a shopgirl asked if she could inspect more closely, saying she'd like to see a real one up close. And a consignment shopgirl told me that they had just sold one and that B-bags hold their value so well - so in one day, three different people realized it was authentic.

    I had (still have) a bubblegum pink uber-fake. This was before AtelierNaff and all. I had no idea it was fake and didn't realize it until I saw a genuine bag in a consignment store - the color of my bag and the leather of my bag was so close to real, it was the hardware (and the tags) that gave it away. There are lots of bubblegum fakes in L.A., and the color isn't even close - I think people do notice that.

    But, I know I assume people's bags are real unless the color is egregious or the leather is obviously pleather. I don't wonder about whether people can afford them - unless I know the person and that person has financial difficulties! I like the style and so I assume the person has good taste, that's all. Even if it is some kind of fake, I still assume that the person - or their friend who gave them a present - has good taste.

    I guess there are people out there who are trying to calculate cost and authenticity and all that (I have to admit, sometimes I do), but I think in general, people relate to the overall style...and don't assume that things are fake unless they're obviously so.
  12. Nobody has ever asked if my Balenciaga bags are real. I don't think anyone around here recognizes Balenciaga as a designer brand. The distressed leather and tassles and such fit in with traditional southwest leathercrafts, so people must assume it's just a beautiful, edgy leather bag.
  13. This kinda applies to me too. I live in SF, a pretty hip town, but I've never been asked about my bag's authenticity. I don't think SF is quite as brand-conscious as other places, such as NYC or LA.
  14. Yes, this is precisely why I love Balenciaga bags. They're so understated that they blend with your wardrobe, yet edgy and punk at the same time! :yahoo:

    I've never had people ask me about authenticity of anything. I always hold my head up high and strout, so AUTHENTICITY isn't even a question! Hahaha.:supacool:
  15. Coach is what's popular here and back home the popular bags are LV. So I don't think many people around me know what Balenciaga is. I rarely get comments on it, my friend from home commented on my facebook "I love that bag" and in a way I was hoping she DIDN'T know what is what and know how much I spent on her lol