Do people ask you if your bag is real??

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  1. I went to visit my (more affluent) sister to see her new house last weekend - I wore my medium Chanel black tote with my outfit - I was appalled when halfway through the evening,she asked my if my bag was real!! She has more money than I do but she knows my taste - how could she think for 1 minute that I would carry a fake bag?????? Still tryingto forget it. Does this happen to any of you?
  2. Sure, but it doesn't really matter. I understand that a lot of people draw a negative stereotype when they see Asian people and handbags so I just take it in stride.

  3. Seriously? Like what? Never heard that before! No one has ever asked me if my bag was fake b/c they know better than that but I would think it's comical if someone had the guts to ask. Gotta appreciate someone having enough balls to ask!
  4. I had a girl at starbucks ask me if my LV speedy was real once. It didn't really bother me to much...I don't think she meant it to be insulting. I'm 24 and you don't see alot of people my age carrying authentic LV here.
  5. Sales people, classmates, my mom's cronies.. it happens. I think context may make the difference too, no one would ever ask me if my bag was real if I stepped into Holt's with it (it's kind of the Canadian version of NM). But going to.. erm, less pricey stores and the such, sometimes the question pops up. Maybe I just have a very thick skin too though. :lol:
  6. Hmmmm never!
  7. it hasn't happened to me. i can't say that i'd be bothered in the least if it did. i'm pretty modest. i'd probably just smile or doesnt' matter to me if people think my bags are real or not, i buy them for me. that being said, i'm sure a lot of people would assume that mine are fake since i dress so casual and (almost) bumm-ish when i'm out...(student-attire of lululemon, aritzia, yoga and zip-up hoodie )
  8. my relatives asked if my dior bag was real, but it is probably a good thing they think theyr'e fake. lol.

    but outside of family, never.
  9. Wow...I never knew that negative stereotype existed! Interesting but tacky.

    Eh, if anyone ever asked me, I would tend to just shrug it off...what else can you do? You can't kick their teeth in unfortunately.
  10. I used to....not so much anymore, since they all know that im a huge purse whore...they do embarrass me by calling me a baller...its either that, or i get mugged by other just cant win.
  11. My cousin asked if my damier papillon was real. I brushed it off. As long as you know you're carrying the real thing, I wouldn't worry about what others think, even if it is family. I'm sure a lot of people think my bags are fake when they see me carrying them, since I'm young, but I don't care. I know it's real :amuse:
  12. since canal street exists, there are asians that carry fakes and a lot of people assume we carry fakes. i know my relatives like buying fakes because they like to keep up with the trends. for fun i guess. i'm the black sheep in the family!
  13. I have yet to be asked that question by anyone. I am not big on bags that are covered in logos (although I do think the LV Damier pieces are cute, but that's a lot more subtle than the monogram canvas). I don't think anyone honestly knows what designer I am carrying.
  14. That question is so totally rude - says everything about the person asking, really. But I have to admit that I have pretended that my bag was - well, not exactly fake, but "bought on sale" or "had it forever"...
  15. yeah, i get ppl asking me if my speedy is real and my black b-bag... i just say yes and then they go, "wow"