Do patent shoes require a patent bag?

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  1. Ladies, I'm really digging the red patent flats that are "in" this fall. But could I wear them with a non-patent bag? I have several red bags but think that they just wouldn't look right. I'm not sure I really want to buy a patent bag just to go with some shoes; I don't really like the patent bags. They seem too dressy for me. But I like the patent shoes! What do you all think? Plus, don't you think it would be hard to match the colors? Reds can be so hard to match.
  2. You could always get the Jimmy Choo Slick Red Ramona. It has a sheen, but not as much as a true patent.

    If you were wearing black patent shoes, I think you could get away with a non-patent bag. But I personally think a patent, or high sheen would look better with patent shoes in a color other than black. JMHO!
  3. I would say "no" you don't have to have patent bag if you have patent shoes. I have a pair of red patent ballets that I love and I don't like the look if I also wear a patent bag. I find that it's kind of overkill. Too matchy-matchy for my tastes. I'll usually wear a simple black or saddle non-patent bag with the shoes.
  4. I agree that it would be kind of overkill, i'm not into the matchy-matchy thang either ;)
  5. I think it would look a bit tacky to have red patent shoes and a red patent overkill. But I also don't think a matte red bag will work. I would probably wear the shoes with a black or creamy bone coloured bag.
  6. good tips...I have been wondering how to pull red patent shoes off also
  7. IMO, the way to do patent and not look like a crazy person is to just have one key piece. Having patent shoes AND a bag seems like they would be competing with each other, and only one or the other should be the main focus.
  8. I think red patent shoes would look best with a non-patent, non-red bag.
  9. I think that unless the purse is small and simple, patent handbags and shoes are overkill.
  10. nope! i don't think so. i carry a patent bag with my red flats. it does not have to match.
  11. I also think that a patent bag would be overkill with patent shoes. I try not to be too matchy.
  12. If you want to get retro, costume-y, rockabilly girl, matching patent shoes and bag is the way to go (but the reds will have to match!). For everyday life, I'd say don't match them. I have dark cherry red patent wedges, and I think wearing them with ochre, grey, ink blue, olive green, or cream - even a rich brandy brown or dark plum - works. Could do black, but I think an "off" combo actually works better. For next spring, try your red shoes with robin's egg or dark turquoise blue, lemon yellow, or rose-petal pink. Enjoy!
  13. I LOVE that idea. I know you're talking bags and shoes, but I have red wedges and a robin's egg top that would be TDF together. I never would have thought of that! What color bag would you do with a red/robin's egg combo?
  14. Caramel. Or leaf green if you do a neutral (blue denim, tan or cream) bottom. I love to play with color. Not just shoes/bags, but shoes/anything or bags/anything!
  15. Second that! :yes:

    Edit: GlamaRuth, your colour combination recommendations sound terrific! I agree that an "off" combination works better with dark cherry patent shoes.