do paris hermes ship small goods to america?

  1. i know like bottega and a lot of the italian boutiques takes orders over the phone and send small goods to bags via fedex. do hermes do the same? and do they sell it minus the VAT prices?

  2. Hermes in Paris I know does not take phone orders (maybe unless you are a VVIP or celebrity)... for sure they ship if you placed your orders in person. Not sure about the other locations in France...??? You can always call and try?
  3. I am not a VIP or celeb but when I called Hermes, Paris about an agenda they said that they would be happy to send it over. They were extermely nice and helpful.
  4. Rose, really? That's the first... maybe that only applies for bags then... have you tried bags?
  5. No, I only asked about the agenda.......
  6. i'm interested in a ostrich bearn... i'll give them a call!!!
  7. Good Luck! BTW...I recently saw ostrich bearn wallets in the N.Y. store, and at King of Prussia mall, you culd try there too.:flowers: