Do outlets usually remove the labels?

  1. Hi,

    I bought a belt from the Cheshire Oaks outlet and the SA removed all the labels before packing it for me. I assumed it would have been done to prevent the labels from being put on fakes. Is this standard Mulberry practice? If so, for how long have they been doing this?

    I've seen lots of bags on eBay which are supposed to have come from outlets though and they all have labels with them, which makes me a bit suspicious of them.

    Cheers :smile:

    Toni xx
  2. They don't remove the labels at Shepton Mallet. I've got all the labels to the bags I've bought there. Maybe different shops have different practices.
  3. mine from bicester had the labels. They removed the labels when i bought direct from the Mulberry store in knightsbridge though!
  4. Cool, thanks!! :upsidedown:
  5. york outlet removes all labels :sad:
  6. i dont understand why they do it! a bit annoying if you wanted to sell the bag in u think.
  7. Hi
    I think they do it sometimes. I bought a wallet from the Mulberry Store recently and they removed all the labels.
  8. ^^^ Yep did the same when I bought from Mulberry HOF,actually I think that it is a bit of a cheek as you have bought the bag so maybe you would like too have all the tags with it!!
    I know they are worried about Fakers but if you have just paid £500 pounds or there abouts its not really an Issue!!
  9. It's funny isn't it that the stores seem to remove the labels yet the main factory shop at SM leaves them on. I rather like my collection of labels, I've kept them all. Just made sure I've taken the price off before DH spots them!
  10. Like Jo, Bicester left my labels on, but both HoF and Mulberry Knightsbridge store removed them :shrugs:
  11. just got my smithfield from the new york store and they removed mine too - thought maybe it was because it was on sale? would have been nice to keep them but it's not that big of a deal. sounds like it varies from store to store