Do outlets take phone orders?

  1. I hope this isn't stupid of me to ask, but the closest outlet to me is about an hour away (i know to some people thats not far), but when its to go only to the outlet and not knowing what they have there, I hate driving that far and to then be disappointed and not get anything there... but anyways, does anyone know if outlets take phone orders? (if you give them the style# can they look it up somehow or do they refuse to do that since they are an outlet?) :confused1:
  2. I think you can do charge and sends from the outlets. I have never done it personally, but I have read other tPF'ers have done it! I probably should considering my nearest outlet is over 2 hours away!
  3. They'll charge you full price. You can call up with style numbers and if they have what you want, they should be able to do a 48 hour hold for you. All of the outlets I have ever dealt with do this for me (my closest one now is 3 1/2 hours away). Also you can do a charge send but you'd have to go to the outlet to do that. helps if you have an outlet kindof close that doesn;t have what you want but another one farther away does.
  4. o really tanukiki, they charge you full price? hmmm wow maybe it would be worth driving all the way there... i don't know though cuz i don't plan on getting much except one item as of right now... i guess i'll just call to see if they have it first... wish me luck! :shame:
  5. Yes, I was always told full price from the distribution center. HOwever, there are a few outlets that claim to do charge/sends fropm outlet to outlet. This makes me very angry because I have been to 4 in PA and they all say they NEVER do that! Hmmm....:cursing: You can try, though... It might be easier to first locate the item at an outlet somewhere, and then see if they will send it to yours (if yours doesn't have it, of course). I don't think you can actually have it shipped to YOUR address unless they charge full price and it comes from the distribution center. Best you can do is possibly have the item sent to your closest outlet, and then make the trip to pick it up.'s Coach, so it's worth it!! :yes:
  6. I have read of some people that do a charge send by going into their closest outlet and the other outlet that the merchandise is being shipped from actually goes to their home address. I've never done it myself because I don't even have an outlet close :sad: but I know I read on here of some having this done for them. The PA outlets sound mean (although I like the one in Lancaster :upsidedown:)
  7. Yep, I call all the time to check if they have items there.

    They told me if you have it shipped then they charge you full price.
  8. I know the Outlets will let you call and ask if they have particular styles in stock. They'll hold it for you, too, but you'll have to go there in person to pay for it in order to get it for Outlet price. Would you be willing to make the drive out there for an item they're holding for you or are you looking for them to ship to you?
  9. when you guys say full price does that mean you pay the retail price or the full factory store price?
  10. i'd probably have them just ship it to me considering i don't want to make the drive for ONE item.. it'd be different if it was for multiple items... i doubt outlets ship items to COACH stores to pick up? probably not i'm guessing?
  11. :nogood::sad:
  12. I thought it was full retail price but don't quote me. I know that the outlet's have discounted items and then usually they'll have an addt'l 20-40% off.

    I'm really hoping to go to the Round Rock outlet soon, I wanted to go this weekend but it's like 3hrs from me :sad:
  13. I call before making the drive if I am looking for something specific. If you want to be sure they hold it for you (can't get there in the next 24 hours) they will take a credit card over the phone and will hold it for 3 days (I beleive.)
  14. Yea, full retail price is what Ive been told!
  15. My closest outlet is 2 hours away and they will do a charge send for me, but if I was to just call the outlet and want something shipped, they charge full price :sad:.