Do outlets still have this?

  1. I want this in black. I know some outlets have this for 70 dollars few months ago. I didn't really pay attention to it at the time, but I think I want it now. :sad: The things is that this is a discontinued model as far as I know.

    Have you guys seen this anywhere? and do you know current price? I am going to go to outlet on July 6th. Do you think I can find it?
  2. I saw that at the outlet last week in both black sig and sig/gold.

    I may be stopping at the outlet tomorrow.

    I can check if they have any more and how much they are.
  3. Don't you hate it when that happens? My tastes change so often lately that it makes me want to cry, the amount of things I missed out on just because I wasn't interested in them at the time. :sad:

    handbaglvr is AWESOME at finding bags. You're in good hands with her. :smile: I'd offer to look for you too, but I live 3 hours away from the nearest outlet. Much to my lament. *L*
  4. I saw it in the outlet store in Newberg, OR just a couple of weeks ago in black. Almost got it but decided not to. Wonder if it will be there in 2 months??:crybaby:
  5. You guys rock!

    I know my taste changes too often. But that's ok, because we are WOMEN!! LOL
    Hope I don't have to pay more than 70 bucks.
  6. darn! $70?! I bought a black sig one a few months ago at the outlet for $100.
    oh well. it is a great bag!
  7. Some bags seem to be at the outlets for a long time and others go kind of fast. Its a cute bag though, hope you find one!
  8. Sadly, CoachMama, they won't... because I bought the last two! :wlae: One for myself and one for my sister. I've been carrying mine since. It's soooo cute and just big enough, without being big enough to carry the stuff I don't REALLY need (but think I do!). My sister, on the other hand, thought it was just too small and I think I'll be returning it when I make the Portland PCE TPF shopping trip. I thought about e-baying it, but there are just too many listed right now.

    Just to make sure, you meant Lincoln City, right? As far as I'm aware, there is no outlet in Newberg... but Newburg is on the way to Lincoln City. If there is an outlet in Newburg, I am in DEEEEEP trouble! ;)
  9. Oh, I have the skinny in hotpink! Its my absolute fav because its sooo freakin rooomy but at the same time small so I love it! I never knew they had black, that would of been my first choice, but the hot pink really grew on me.
  10. I bought it the first week in April at the Foley AL outlet. They had quite a few then. It was $99 then 20% off, so I paid $79. I love it! It is just the right size to carry in my multi-function tote and you can clip it on.:yes:
  11. Does anyone have a style number on this one?:flowers:
  12. Awww, stophle, thank you!:blush:

    I love the thrill of the hunt!

    But, no dice today with that style bag cmonna...they were all out!:sad:

    Sorry sweetie!
  13. Lucky for you, my bag is right next to me.... it's 5107.
  14. cmonna, there a quite a few on eBay right now. Most seem to be ending at the $60 mark or so, with under $10 shipping.
  15. oooo thanks for the info! I'm going to hunt down a gold one, pronto!