Do outlets/factory stores re-tag items?

  1. When outlets get items from the boutique stores, do they re-tag them with Factory tags? Bag reference: I went to my outlet today to see if the Bleecker hobo 11415 was available. It was. I bought. :yahoo:

    However, I know that the 11416 model (the bigger one) is still on the Coach website, so I was confused as to whether the 415 model was a Factory model only or if they had in fact sold the 415 at the boutiques and "overstocks/last seasons" were sent to the Factory stores, to then be re-tagged with Factory tags. I couldn't care less one way or the other, I was just curious.

    Anybody know?
  2. I think they do. My outlet has all bags with outlet tags on them, even on bags that are returns from boutiques and are from the current collection. So the tags read the original price, then the factory price (and then they are usually 20% off of that). But I don't have any experience with SKUs or other numbers on the tags and if they read the same as boutiques or not.
  3. Sometimes they do. Occasionally you'll find the original tag stashed in the bag someplace.
  4. I save my price tags... all of the boutique bags that I got at the outlet had "coach factory" tags on them with the exception of the bleecker hobo I got today.
  5. Hmmm, that's interesting. I also read on one of these pages that usually outlet/factory bags don't come with that right? The Bleecker hobo I bought today DID have a dustbag in it...which made me think that it was a boutique bag that had been moved to the outlet (some folks have posted that occasionally you'll find a dustbag in a factory bag).

    Again, doesn't matter in the slightest...I got the EXACT bag that I went there to look at in the first place, so boutique/outlet...who cares! :yahoo: Bleecker is MINE! :woohoo:
  6. Yours is definitely a boutique bag :yes:

    The made for factory bags don't have dustbags at all. One way you can tell factory from boutique is the second part of the creed will start with an F then the style # (like F10911) if it's a made for outlet bag.

    The ones that get transferred originally had dustbags, but alot of times they end up MIA lol
  7. Yes, I think they generally re-tag all their bags with factory tags, and I think I remember reading that they will remove the dustbags from the boutique items before putting them on the floor.
    That being said, I have found that some slip through and still have dustbags and/or are not re-tagged when they are busy or get lots of new items transferred at a time. :yes:
  8. ^I super-puffy-heart you guys for all your responses! Like I said, it doesn't matter AT ALL boutique v. outlet...but I thought I got a great deal at the time on that bag...and now I'm convinced I got an even better deal than I originally thought! YAY for outlets!