Do outlets do mail order??

  1. Because I am in London and want to call around about getting a black Phoebe.
    Sara, what is the number to Shepton Mallet?
    Does anyone else have the number to other outlets?
    I really do want this bag now and I want to check to see if it can be had at an outlet before I do eBay.
  2. Hiya

    Yep, the outlets do mail order! Numbers as follows:

    Shepton Mallet 01749 340 583
    Bicester 01869 322 882
    Cheshire Oaks 0151 356 8904

    There's also one at York, but I can't seem to find the number. Hopefully one of the others has it....

    Oh and good luck :tup:
  3. OK, found it - I hope this is right:

    York 01904 611 055
  4. No joy!! Just an oak phoebe!
  5. You need to keep trying as they get stock in all the time. Shepton is probably the best bet. I've had to try over a number of weeks before when I've been looking for something specific.
  6. Oh poo! I was sure they would have them.... keep trying... if you do finally track one down you will love it all the more!!