Do others buy/suggest bags you dislike?

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  1. I notice a lot of people on the forum asking for help selecting handbags for other people, to give as gifts.
    Does this work for you? I find that unless someone is shopping off directly off of my wishlst, I end up hating the bags they select, and have to return them.
    I must be extrememly picky, b/c it can't be just any bag. Not every bag out there does it for me. People assume I love ALL bags, and I don't.

    I also encounter this problem when people try to buy me something related to my job: either I have it already, or it is not professional quality, or totally useless (and someone outside the industry wouldn't know the difference); or they make assumptions about lifestyle (i.e.: If you have 3 cats, they buy you things with a cat motif, if you drink a certain brand of beer, heaven forbid, they buy you some type of household decor bearing the logo).

  2. No I have a list of items I want and my BF tends to stick to that. However he says he knows me, so he could pick something out for me if he wanted to. I highly doubt that, but I would love to see him try. I just love the thought of the gift.
  3. How true! However, I had a friend who just recently came back from Italy, and I had asked her to bring me back a handbag. I gave her my price range, and I left it up to her as to what she would bring back. She actually did a very good job. Never heard of Chromia before, but she brought one back, and I really like it, even though it is just a weeeeeee bit heavy on the hardware, but I do get lots of compliments on it. This may be off the topic, but I did get something "sight unseen", and it is growing on me. Maybe some of your items will, too.
  4. Nah, I totally understand. I actually just went shopping for an engagement ring despite wanting him to pick it out himself. He said he couldn't find the right thing for me. Turns out, he was right. When I went to the jewelry stores, they were showing me TONS of stuff that I HATED, despite the fact that I TOLD them what I wanted. It was like they couldn't hear me, or chose not to, as I was pretty clear about what I did not like. After a ton of searching, I finally realized that BF was right! I only like what I like, and NO ONE else seems to be able to pinpoint what that is...LOL.
  5. I am super picky. I always have to specify exactly what I want and where I want it purchased from (sadly, I am also super picky about where my purchases are made!). It's hard being my friend.....
  6. i'm the queen of pickiness, wrapped in an indecisive package and tied with a spontaneous bow. it's no wonder my family asks for a shopping list for holidays.

    one could politely call me ecclectic, but come on, i'm just plain crazy. my demand list is too long, and it takes me forever to scour one store, plaza or town to find a bag that i'll even consider carrying. on a 10-day tour of northern italy last summer, i found not one bag that i would commit to purchasing. granted, i traveled with my father, so the number of stores visited was limited. but still. !

    though if i had a long-time friend with similar taste, she could be trusted to pick out a new find. maybe. but i'd still need a gift receipt.
  7. :roflmfao: My boyfriend usually doesn't have a clue! I feel bad about it, but I tend to drop very very strong hints or go shopping with him.