Do other people in your office carry designer bags, too?

  1. When I worked in a PR environment, it was totally the norm for young girls to splurge to designer bags and carry them to work. But every other environment I've ever worked in was void of designer bags except the occasional logo-less leather Coach bag.

    For the ladies who carry their Chanels to work, do other people in your office carry designer bags? Does that affect how comfortable you feel with carrying your Chanel?
  2. I see mostly Coach and Dooney & Bourke here in my office.

    I think I'm the only one carrying Chanels. I am comfortable carrying them.
  3. The most expensive bags the women I work with have are Coach bags. Not that they couldn't afford a Chanel b/c believe me they can! I'm not real comfortable bringing my Chanel to work b/c all they do is talk. I hate that you can't have nice things without people running their mouths.
  4. I see LV and Coach here only. I don't feel too comfortable carrying my designers bag to work. I always try to keep it down. Only use my fav designer bags during weekends.
  5. When I used to work in a larger group with more young professionals, there were quite a few designer bags being used.

    Now where I work - there is not one designer bag - although I did see a Longchamp tote in one of the Partner's offices.

    Which is why I've stopped carrying logos and rely on my trusty bbags. So far no one at the office has any idea that they're designer. :p It's not about comfortableness because I don't care what people in general would think about my buying designer purses. The reason I don't carry obvious designers is because I don't want my bosses to see and think they pay me too much money. I dunno if I sound paranoid.. but I feel like my raise may not be as good if I give off the impression that I have all this 'extra' money just lying around that I can afford to buy designer purses..kwim?
  6. No one in my immediate vicinity uses any designer, except me! I use Chanel or LV everyday. I see Gucci and Coach in the elevators...
  7. I work in a pharmaceutical company in finance department. Most seem to carry Coach even the director and VP level.
    I have seen couple people with LV here and there in the parking lot.
  8. The ladies that I work with think Coach is unreasonable! :nuts: Our mall is getting a Coach store, and they couldn't believe people would spend $300 or more on a bag. If they knew how much I've spent on Chanels...
  9. Yes, I totally understand! I don't want to seem spoiled/rich-girlish in the office where as the most junior person, I make significantly less than everyone else. Thus, I feel awkward carrying the most expensive bag. My mother once told me to never outdress your boss.

    I carry a Longchamp Les Pliages nylon tote, which seems to be the bag every 20-something working girl in Chicago carries to her job. I like to think they have a closet full of beautiful Chanels wishing to be shown off, too. :shame:
  10. I'm the only one in my office that carries designer bags. Working in accounting, most of the people in my group are men, but there are a handful of women (including myself). I don't know what they carry handbag-wise! The only other designer bag I've seen here was on a consultant and an auditor (Hogan and LV, respectively). I carry my Balenciagas and Longchamps pliage...I hope to add a Chanel to that rotation!

    It's fun being the fashionable one in the department, I've been told that I've been "the talk of the office" because of what I wear!:roflmfao:
  11. It totally creates a dilemma for me... Work occupies majority of the week so I want to be able to carry the things I love in my closet, but I'm finding I have so many nice things I can't wear to work and then on the weekends - if I'm doing sports - I can't really carry my nice purses either!

    It creates a problem - because I justify my bigger purchases sometimes on the fact that on a per wear / per day of ownership basis - it's not that bad! but that reasoning goes out the window if I can only potentially carry it 2 days out of a week!

    I guess at the end of the day, at work, I want people to notice me because of the work I do and not the clothes I wear or the handbag I carry.
  12. i work as a freelancer in advertising and stylist world, so lot of people wear designers, but not majority...
  13. no designer brands at my work place. so i feel weird carrying my chanels. i carry my gucci to work.
  14. I currently work for a nonprofit that's primarily gay men. They get a kick out me carrying all these expensive purse, especially as I'm the Controller. Before this, I worked in private equity firm and all the women, including the assistants, carried high-end designers. Mainly because the assistants got Hermes, LV, Prada or Chanel holiday gifts from the millionaire partners' wives!! So no there I was definitely normal.
  15. i do not use my bags for work i am a stay at home mom and my work is the kids and my son got a chocolate milk shake on my bag once so i have a bag from walmart that i use for when he is around lol