Do or don't?

  1. I have a chance to buy these totally cute LV high heels patent leather, black with peeptoe and bows! They're slightly used, and the price is $200. What do you all think, should I go for it, or save my cash? :confused1:
  2. GO FOR IT! thats a FLIPPEN STEAL!
  3. Got for it!
  4. Sorry, for me tough call.

    If you are in absolute LOVE with the shoes then go for it. But for me I don't like used shoes. Too personal an item for me! Plus shoes (I find) wear out faster then bags. So I lean towards saving $ for bags more.
  5. I can't do used shoes either, but if you can, that's a good buy!
  6. I would do it.. that's a great deal!!
  7. I would totally do it.
  8. Never, don't, don't, don't!!!
  9. What do you mean by slightly used? Like tried on but didn't walk out in it?

    I'm kind of weary of shoes, and also, each person's feet are different so the shoes would stretch/mold to fit the person's feet and walking style. I would be cautious, but $200 is a STEAL!
  10. they sound fabulous, go for it!
  11. I decided to get them! I'm excited! I love getting presents from the USPS! :lol:
  12. I myself have no problem with used shoes but always wince at paying a lot for any shoes- if you love them I say get them!
  13. don't buy used shoes. feet sweat, that's why soles darken. i would save my money for new shoes.
  14. I hear a lot of people talking about feet sweat, but I bought this powder stuff to put in my SO's shoes, and mine too, but I haven't used it because I'm not a man! But anyway, it's supposed to kill bacteria, odor, and anything else disgusting. :lol:
  15. i wouldn't buy used shoes - because shoes stretch to fit the owners feet!