Do Opposites Attract ??

  1. In Terms Of Career ?

    Now with Men,( before I married )Ive always been attracted to men that have complete opposite career choices( maybe thats because most men in the fashion business are gay, LOL )
    My Husband Is in Risk Management.

    I have a lot of girlfriends that share the same profession at work, (which I think is natural )But my closests girlfriends have completely differant professions, a Docter, Medical Writer, Detective, and Chef.

    What are your Experiences ? Do Opposites Attract ?
  2. With men, I believe opposites do attract. With careers, I'm not sure.
  3. Oh yes. Opposites do attract. I'm outspoken, DH is quite. We have a lot of other oppposite characterics too.
  4. If you saw my BF you would probably be stumbled for days- based on our diffrent looks. Put us in a room, and try to guess who's my would never guess him as my love.

    He's a complete oppisite from me. Yet we have everything in common, I guess based on looks, and how we dress. I'm preppy, Pink pink and more pink, he's jersey's, Ecko Jeans, Baseball caps, Champs tee's....
    BUt I love him!

    I completely sure oppisite attract....I'm a example, my parents are friends too!
  5. opposites do attract. i'm an SUV-buying, LV-carrying, loves-to-shop city girl with no discernable southern accent if i don't want one (i can talk with or without) and my boyfriend is a hunting, fishing, Field and Stream-reading, 4x4-truck-driving country boy with a thick southern accent :biggrin:
  6. Yes.