Do nylon bags not come with dust bags?

  1. I bought this today, and I just realized there was no dust bag inside. I'll call my SA tomorrow, but I was just curious if nylon bags generally don't come with one.

  2. Well i bought a nylon bag from holt renfrew it came with a dust, I am not sure about other stores.
  3. Congratulations on your new bag.
  4. Thanks, I'm so in love with the color!
  5. love your new bag, congrats. should have dust bag.
  6. Congrats on the new bag and such a nice color. :yes:

    I would call the SA who sold you the bag and ask about the dust bag because it should come with one.
  7. It should have a dustbag
  8. I've purchased 3 nylon bags and got a dust bag with every one.

    The only exception was a small tessuto sport which didn't have one.
  9. Thanks everyone, looks like another trip to the mall, oh darn...:graucho:
  10. Even my new Prada belt came with its own itty bitty dust bag! It's so cute. I've never seen a Prada dust bag so little before! :tender: