Do Nude shoes match everything??

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  1. Hey yall! Ive been seeing a lot of people wearing Nude shoes with pretty much every color. I always thought a Nude colored shoe would only match a Nude colored shirt(or something with that color in it). But, it doesnt look so bad when the shoes are on with other, I am pondering getting me a pair. I never did because I never had anything Nude to match the shoes! But, if I can wear them with a bunch of different colors-then I would get a lot of use out of them. Opinions??
  2. I'm just barely 5'4" and can't wear heels any more. I know when I go with a nude/light neutral shoe, even in a flat, it makes my legs look much longer. Can't beat that! :tup:

    And they do go with everything, by the way. ;)
  3. I wear my nude flats with everything! The other more versatile colors in my shoes collection are black and red.
  4. With a dress or skirt and no stockings, nude heels are always appropriate. I also think they go with almost any pants. I am still on the fence about the celebrity trend of wearing opaque black tights with nude heels, though.
  5. I believe nude is the new black! I've been seeing a lot of women with nude pumps lately and it looks so good! It made me buy a new pair too! LOL
  6. Yes, they go with everything! They also make your legs look longer, thinner. They are like an extension to your legs.
  7. I think nude shoes go with just about everything, except a nude-colored pant too close in color to the nude shoes.

    I'm wearing nude colored pumps today, with dark wash trouser jeans, a black cami with beige lace and a black, deep V-neck sweater. Works fine!
  8. Would you mind showing us a picture of your today's outfit? :smile:

    Amazing collection of shoes you've got here by the way! :tup:
  9. Like everyone has said, nude goes with everything. The nude is supposed to sort of blend/match with your flesh tone. That is why they elongate your legs. They dont' "break" the line of your leg like a colored shoe would. In that sense they are sort of like a non-color. Does that make sense? I'm not sure i explained it well.
  10. I wouldn't say it matches everything; I prefer it with neutrals, pastels, and jewel tones, but it isn't limited to those. I would avoid wearing nude with black or any intense colours like scarlet.

  11. I like it with most everything.
  12. Any suggestions for a great pair of nude shoes with a lower heel?

  13. Thanks, Karima!

    And errr I am way camera shy for a full body shot! *blush*
  14. Thanks everyone! Now Im off to find some cute Nude pumps:graucho:. Anyone have any suggestions???