do NOT try this at home... (reveal with disclaimer)

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  1. Hello - this could be in Sizing ref thread or DIY thread I guess, but since it's just me being mad, not taking any responsibility so it's better outside I thought...:P just wanted to share my mad secret.

    Anyway! I'm not high heel girl usually but I adore CL - so got one pair, only wearing them in the office with pencil skirt/shift dress, changing from long boots in winter as well etc.

    However they kept slipping off - a couple of weeks ago, out of the meeting room, swiftly walking in front of a guest it came off again and I nearly tripped over (and no Christian Grey to save me unfortunately)

    :idea: so... being a practial person, I 'won' this insignificant shoes, not even my size, on eBay for £1 + p&p....

    Why? - just for this bits! (rest went to bin straight away)

    I sewed them on... (one needle broken, the other bent lol) I appreciated the existence of thimble for the first time in my life, apart from admiring them as Bal 21h/w iykwim :graucho:

    Result.. tada :roflmfao: now I can walk FAST! My office Cinderella slippers !

    (please don't shoot me...)
  2. U're so creative & skilled to sew the straps!
  3. That's creative.
  4. how cool!
  5. You are very creative :tup:
  6. very creative!
  7. Wow, that was a great idea!!
  8. Necessity is truly the mother of invention!
  9. wow! What a great idea!
  10. Bwahahahahahaha!!!!!:lolots::yahoo:
    You are absolutely amazing!!! I so admire you!!!
    You are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
  11. Oh so glad nobody throwing stones at me for being disrespectful towards holly CL!

    Necessity (or desperation!) is the mother of invention lol - thank you all. :greengrin:
  12. wow you are so creative, I would have never thought to do that let alone been able to do it so successfully. Love your reference to Christian Grey lol dont we all wish we had one to catch us haha.
  13. Fantastic work! You should send pics to Mr. Louboutin and ask him to make this a new style. ;)
  14. Haha! That's great - such determination to make them work. I love it :woohoo::tup:
  15. Awesome!!