Do not trust FedEx

  1. I just want to rant a little bit about a recent experience I had with FedEx involving the shipment of a precious MJ Brigitte bag that I picked up and sold at cost for a friend...

    I had the package insured for $800 (there were some other goodies for her in it too) with Direct Signature required which I believe is supposed to be their most secure signature requirement - it requires the actual signature of the named recipient, not an adult substitute or neighbor or even a signed note authorizing that the package be left if there is no response. However, in spite of this, the FedEx guy just pitched it over her fence and left it in her yard!

    The most galling part is that when we looked up the tracking number, it lets you see a recorded image of the "signature" and he had apparently scrawled a fake "signature" for her that didn't even look like human handwriting. Luckily the package and the Brigitte bag were fine when she got home but it had been sitting out there for 6+ hours and who knows what would've happened if it ended up being stolen and we had tried to pursue a claim from FedEx.

    She said that her delivery people usually know that she prefers them to leave the package over the fence but this package was supposed to be an exception because of the high value - she didn't leave a written authorization or anything and you'd think that paying extra for a requirement like Direct Signature ought to override mere "custom" unless there's been more explicit and insistent directions to FedEx to leave it, with some signing over of liability.

    Just a warning to you all and I don't know whether there's anything more we can do to ensure safe and secure shipment of packages of such high value!
  2. OMG! That happened to me at Christmas with Ralph Lauren & UPS. I complained to both UPS & to Ralph Lauren. The driver pitched it onto my balcony and I didnt find the package (as it was marked "back door" under signature-- we dont have a back door) for like 2 days.

    I half wonder if its the same guy now driving for fed ex. Those bastards!
  3. At least yours was honest about it and wrote "back door" to indicate that it was our case he actually entered it in as "SIGNED" and then faked a signature for her! That's totally wrong and would've been one terrible mess if that package had gone missing.
  4. That is terrible!! Who knows what could have happened to that package in 6 hours? And for the driver to forge the signature? Completely unacceptable. I'm relieved that your friend got her beautiful Brigitte bag. Thanks for the warning about Fed Ex. :yucky:
  5. Not long ago, my FedEx driver called me on my cell phone (not 100% sure how he got the number) and asked if it was OK for him to leave my "signature required" package on my porch. I said yes, because I knew it would be OK, and I'm actually glad that he left it. He saved me the hassle of either having to be home the next day or having to drive to the FedEx center 30 minutes away to pick it up. I guess I was lucky!
  6. I can't believe that guy forged her signature!! I wonder what would have happen if the package went missing and she had to file a claim?
  7. If the shipper knew your phone number, they can enter it into the form when they fill it out. That's very handy sometimes. I usually prefer them to leave packages too (and I will usually leave a note saying one way or the other) but in cases where there's doubt or something's very valuable, I think they should err on the side of caution.
  8. Hi everyone.

    Please do not trust any carriers esp. Fed Ex.
    There has been misplaced packages all over lately.
    (I actually boycott FedEx now) They claim to have left a $1500 golf club set at our housing office, not even at our unit, without signature, without looging the package book, and the club wasn't there.

    As a receipient we should always have our tracking number on hand. It's our responsibility to ask the sender for it. I'd personally notify the delivery guy let him/her know there is an important package and please keep an eye out for it and not to leave it at the door if no one's home. Also leave a note on the door that the package is VERY valuable and to keep it at the station if no one's home.
  9. I can't believe there have been so many instances of horrible service! I always try to use FedEx when shipping things b/c I always thought they were the most reliable. How sad!
  10. This probably says more about the employee than Fed ex. I would definitely complain. I'm sure the company would hate to hear this.
  11. I'm in the process of recovering a comforter set from UPS and Macys, they claimed to have delivered both on 5/10, but I only got one part of my package! Pisses me off so bad, because I didn't ONCE see a huge package, and they say it was already delivered.
  12. wow, I am sorry for everyone's trouble. forging a signature is obviously illegal, so you should file a complaint (or your friend) against that person. also, wow, what is that all about anyway? how can they do that?

    sorry but I refuse to use any of the services like UPS or Fed Ex because of all the bad stories. I prefer the post office. just safer and better.
  13. I have also had some serious issues w/Fed Ex. Namely, 2 Chanel bags at a value of over $5000 and very large box of cosmetics valued at almost $3000. Both came from Saks, both claimed they were delivered and both stated that they were left at "customers side door, which is more secluded than front".

    Thank you FedEx for being so cautious, except:


    Wonder where those packages went?

    Now I demand a tracking # (which is routinely NOT given to customers) and to know what day the package is to be delivered. I then call my local FedEx station and tell them I will be outside waiting for the box. I think the fact that I am shut a PITA they KNOW they better not screw up again. I also believe that Saks has done a few investigations and is watching our branch very very carefully.