Do not like FedEx Home Delivery!!!

  1. I missed it again, and FedEx Home Delivery service will not let you pick up at location until they attempt to delivery three times! Nor redeliver at another address nor have a neighbor sign unless the neighboor stays in my house, which is not possible. That means I have to wait around all day tomorrow because they deliver until 8 PM and cannot give me a window for time. It came at 11 AM for 1st attempt, which I was not at home because of work. But today is my day off and I waited since but had to get to my Dr's appt at 2:45 PM. And expectedly I found the 2nd attempt tag that says it tried to deliver around 3:15 PM... And I just got home around 3:45 PM...:hysteric:That means my bag is cooking in the van and it's going to melt...:crybaby:
    I have not had any good experience with any items being shipped with FedEx Home Delivery with direct signature option... I did not have a choice for the shipping method nor delivery address, so I have to patiently wait...

    Thanks for letting me vent my frustrations...:sad:
  2. That sucks Tira!!!!!!!!:crybaby: I'd be livid too!!!!!!:cursing: I would drive to Fedex and demand my package!!!!!!! Hugs!!!!!!!
  3. That's awful. Here if federal express tries to deliver and you are not not home you can drive to their office the next morning and pick it up. It's a little bit of a drive to their office but at least I can get my package the next day. Peggy
  4. That's so disappointing! :sad: Here in Denver you can pick it up at their distribution center after 6pm the same night of the 1st failed home delivery.
  5. Yes, FedEx Express, UPS, and even USPS will hold your package at their location. But NOT FedEx Home Delivery... It is that one where there is a dog logo on the van. It is the purple and green color logo. I guess FedEx has three main companies of FedEx Express, Ground, and Home Delivery. I tried to ask for delivery to different address for this fear, but they would not do that. The store has to ship to the billing address. This happened with an order from eLuxury, too. It is good to have signature confirmation for expensive items but it sure can be so inconvenient...:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  6. ^wow, didn't know about that distinction. That sucks!
  7. well far as i know.... fedex home delivery lets you picks up the package after first attempt. they just dont let you pick it up at ANY fedex facility. you have to pick it up at the "home delivery facility". this happened to me once. they refused to transfer it to the closer facility and required me to drive to the "home delivery facility" that is kinda far from where i live.
    and decophile... this is btw fedex in denver.
  8. Wow, that sounds really frustrating. I hate waiting for new bags!

    Still, we've had so many horror stories here about packages being left and then disappearing...better to have a delay than having it ripped off IMO.
  9. Hi, me_love_purse-No, they told me not even the home delivery facility hub:sad:... Grrrr. It is so odd, though. I think if you insists, then you can because I once was able to. But only when I then asked my husband to call in. I am just going to camp near my door tomorrow...:rant:
  10. hm... maybe you are right... when i called them, i was already pissed so they prob either feel bad or dont feel like dealing with another pissed customer.
    good luck waiting... i amsure whatever you are waiting for is worth the wait.
  11. Thanks me_love_purse... It's another Balenciaga from NM SF!:P Now not only I need to work overtime, but my DH, too, to feed this dangerous but feels-good addiction!!!
  12. Did you get it????????????
  13. It's 12:30 PST and NOT YET!!!:crybaby:
  14. Well if it makes you feel any better they lost my b-bag. I may have to wait till monday to find out where it is and when it is coming. I sat all morning waiting for it too. I hope yours comes today and quickly.
  15. It's 2:15 PM and I GOT IT!!!!!!:yahoo: Thank goodness! I am way too impatient! THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR HUGS! This anticipation with an expensive item is not good for my heart...

    meemie-What do you mean they LOST it???!!!:cursing: