Do Not Buy From...

  1. Do not buy from Madisonavenueboutique! They are a fraud! They promised to refund my money for a fake Chloe Handbag and they did not follow through! All the handbags on this website are FAKE FAKE FAKE! DO NOT GIVE THEM THE SATISFACTION OF TAKING YOUR MONEY!!!!
  2. That sucks. How scarry that there are so many dishonest people out there.
  3. How AWFUL! Is there any recourse you can take?
  4. Ugh and they aren't cheap :crybaby:
    I am so sorry, did you use paypal or credit card to pay?
  5. I'm so sorry for you..this make me very nervous :cursing:

    You should continue to fight to have your money back!!
  6. There is also an eBay Seller madisonavenueboutique, located in NY.
    Did your bag ship from NY?

    How was it proven to be counterfeit?
    You returned the bag, was promised a refund and they kept the bag and your money?
  7. So sorry :'( but thank you so much for telling us.
    I hope you get your money back *hugs*
  8. oh no! can you contact the police?
  9. tnx for the warning
  10. No, it is an online boutique such as the other fake online distributors. I took to Chloe Boutique and compared it. Ended up buying the real one. But the charge is in dispute right now with my credit card company so hopefully I get my money back. Paypal SUCKS! They said that because it wasn't through ebay they couldn't help me...WHATEVER!
  11. Thats awful, sorry
  12. Oh dear, so sorry. :sad:

    I agree with erdeva's suggestion to contact the police, BTW. :yes: