1. i recently ordered from ideeli and received it FAST! never had to return anything yet.......
  2. I dont mind waiting a bit longer for the item if i save a bit of money.

  3. Hokka,

    I am extremely sorry you received such a poor customer experience when shopping with There is no excuse for that and I apologize. We have been working our hardest to increase our service to be the best level it can be for our members. I truly hope you will allow us another opportunity to show you what a great shopping experience using ideeli can be.


  4. Got my item today...yipee.
  5. ^^Uh-oh...I think I am going to return it. I hopefully will get my email with the shipping label soon. I requested it several hours ago.
  6. Remember that the return shipping labels come from UPS and not ideeli. It can also take up to 48 hours for UPS to send the email with the return label attached.

  7. ^^ it!
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    Instead of spending time putting out fires (which is what you do here) your company needs to make a serious investment in--I almost said updating, but that would be inaccurate since CS is inexistent in your company--creating an efficient Customer Service Department. As of June 2010 you are miles away from it.

    So, so much for the mea culpa it would be better if your company took action to remedy this issue before your customers start deserting you.

    --another of your dissatisfied customers
  9. By the by, if you experience a problem with your ideeli order the new "contact" is Neeraj Sharma, Director of Loyalty -

    Raj and Joy are gone...apparently the company can't hold on to their employees anymore than they can hold on to their customers.

  10. What a fun title! :smile:

    Anyway, I hope everyone gets their issues resolved. It's such a shame to see all these companies with such poor customer service. :sad: I don't have a business degree or anything, but it seems like customer service should be a #1 priority. You'd think companies would realize that by now!
  11. Well, I just made my first purchase on ideeli, when I checked my credit statement statement online there were EIGHT $1.00 deductions from ideeli :mad:!!! I sent them a complaint letter and they sent me back this: Thank you for contacting ideeli.

    Our accounting team informs us that those $1 transactions are card verification checks used by the merchant bank. They are used to check if the card is legitimate and they will appear as pending on your account. These funds will not clear and will be removed from your account in 2-3 business days depending on your banking institution.

    We hope this helps.


    the ideeli team

    They had to verify my card EIGHT times?:nono:WTF? I'll give it until Tuesday, if every single one of those charges aren't dropped I'm going to create a total scene:rant:!! Has anyone else had this problem with ideeli?

  12. Awesome!
  13. I'm not too thrilled with Ideeli either. A purchase I made took almost four weeks to receive. Also, should I have the need to return anything, I want my money back - not store credit. After that one experience, I now avoid them.
  14. i recently made a purchase from them last monday. it arrived 4 days later. perhaps the issue isnt ideeli but rather some of the actual brands
  15. i've always gotten money back on items that had issues and needed to be returned. never was offered store credit on a return.

    their service has always been above and beyond in my experience.