1. Hi Bombie
    I had the same bad experience from Idelii and will not ever ever buy anything from them anymore! I am still waiting for my return label and it's been almost 4 days and they advertise 2 business days. Plus my order has been split many times BAD BAD BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!! What a difference between them and Rue La La and Guilt

  2. yay!!!! that is why i LOVE this place!!!:yahoo:
  3. I am sorry for your troubles with Ideeli .
    I have a completely different experience. I have been using this site for years. I cannot say enough how happy I have been with their products as well as their customer service ( btw, they are super friendly ). Never encountered any problems with returns.
    Personnally I highly recommend Ideeli basing it on my experience.
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    My name is Aric Grez and I am the Community Coordinator at ideeli. I apologize for the negative experience you have had with ideeli. I would like to address the issues you have touched on in your post. We do not include return labels with shipments because they have expiration dates to them and we do not want our members to accidentally use a label that has expired causing them problems. The return labels are issued by UPS and it is their policy to take between 24 to 48 hours to send.

    We will ship items separately because often times a member's order includes multiple items from multiple brands, all of which are not estimated to be delivered in the same time period. By shipping items separately we are trying to provide our members with the items that are available to ship as soon as they are available. Please note that members are only charged for shipping once per order no matter how many items are individually shipped in the order.

    All of the items we sell on are 100% authentic. We work directly with the designers and brands to provide ideeli members with the best possible deals on the hottest fashions. That being said you are more than welcome to return any item you feel may be inauthentic while we research your claim.

    Thank you. I am always here to help assist anyone. My email is


    Aric Grez

    Community Coordinator
  5. geez....
  6. Geez indeed!!! Just finished reading this thread. Hope everything gets sorted out for everyone involved.
  7. I find it weird that people from ideeli started posting but we have yet to see a resolution to the problems. IMO of course.
  8. I just ordered an item from Ideeli and it is not expected to ship until April 6th-9th?
  9. Hi,

    If you let me know what the problem you are having is I can work to solve it for you. You can email me directly at Thanks.


    Aric Grez
  10. Hi,

    The reason we put expected shipping dates on our sales is because of the nature of our business. We do not keep live inventory. We arrange with the brands to have these sales. First we must wait for the sale to end and then we have to have the brand ship the inventory to us so we can count it, pack it up and then send it off to our members. We appreciate your patience with this. Thanks.


  11. ^^Thanks for the response. I have ordered from Ideeli before and did not remember the shipping time being so long.
  12. The expected ship dates vary depending on the brand and the sale.


  13. ^^OK, but 3 weeks???
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    To keep our prices as low as possible, we normally don’t keep products in inventory. So this means they must be shipped to us from the manufacturer and then on to you. While this method has its benefits (including better quality control and guaranteed authenticity), the drawback is it takes longer to receive your merchandise.

  15. i have ordered from ideeli a few times. like others, i was fine until i had a problem.

    i bought an RM bag pictured with signature hardware - it was a waitlisted item and they decided to produce a bunch for the waitlisted people. i received it and it didn't have the hardware pictured in the photo. the listing did not say anything about what was being sold might differ from the photo.

    i wrote to them the day i received it to tell them i was unhappy - it took them three days to respond to say that CS would contact me. more than 2 weeks later i hadn't heard from anyone else at ideeli, so i wrote again. no response.

    about two weeks after THAT, i wrote to a different email address and they finally responded - i threatened a chargeback at that point. but all they said was, "Thank you for contacting us. We are sorry to hear that you feel your item was not as advertised" and offered me a return label, which i could use to return the item so that they could "inspect the item to determine whether or not it is actually not as advertised. If it is, we replace the item if it is in stock, if not we will issue you a full site credit... We will contact you to let you know our decision about the error." Never said what happens if they decide that it's not their error.

    i ended up selling the bag instead. i wasn't going to deal with their bs.

    i don't think i've bought from them since, although i do look at their merchandise sometimes. i love gilt and will keep buying from them.