1. Bombie, Please keep everyone here apprised of the final result as we are all interested in hearing! Great to know TPF carries so much prestige!
  2. Maybe this title should be updated, because people may see it and not read through the thread and be left with a bad impression of Ideeli. It seems like this will be resolved satisfactorily.
  3. How funny. Good luck & keep us posted on the end result! The power of tPF.
  4. I totally agree with you. Personally I wince when I see titles like this, not so much over the actual issue the poster had, but that just one person can post something so harsh in a title and it being seen by thousands of can really ruin a company's reputation. Of course not to trivialize the poster's issue, but it is somewhat unfair for someone to post something so bold in thread title.
  5. Does it usually take Ideeli weeks to process the shipment. I order something from them on dec 28th and still it says still in process.

    How long does it usually take to arrive?
  6. does take a while, like 10 or more business days.
  7. I'm so mad with them right now. I sent CS an email for shipping address change and contacted Raj as well and was told my order will be shipped to my new shipping address and I got a shipping notice today...and it's still going to the old address!!!!!! I emailed Raj and CS team and will see what they say!
  8. ha at that! you might have to contract your statements missy!
  9. I received the wrong item. I emailed them twice (sent a week apart) asking for a return shipping label..
    4 days after my second email, they finally contacted me..I received my label a few days
    The site really need to be more on top of things.
    The item I received was far more expensive then the one I bought..:nogood:

    I had to email them twice for another return label as well:tdown:
  10. i ordered a scarf 2 months ago and it never showed up. I sent an email to customer service and never heard back from them. i was never charged anything, but was pretty annoyed that no one responded even though i had email confirmations of my order. That being said, I ordered from them twice previously and had no problems. 2 out of 3 ain't bad
  11. This is quite interesting as I am an avid Ideeli web browser and infrequently shopper on their website. Thus far, I have yet to make any returns. *Knock on wood*

    Bombie - It would be great to provide us with an updated progress regarding the matter.
  12. I just bought a dress from IDEELI and I need to return it, but it seems that it's a hassle. First of all I can't get to talk to anybody on the phone, the number they have always goes to voicemail. Left a message, no calls back.
    I send emails but the only response I got was that : " , we have already forwarded your concern to the proper channels and rest assured that we will contact you regarding the this matter."
    Of course I am still waiting for a response.

    My question was simple, since this is the first item I bought from them I don't know how the IDEELI quality tag looks like, it seems you can't return anything without it and I can't see anything that could be a quality tag.
    Can somebody please help me with that since it's impossible to get in touch with them?
  13. You guys should email Joi directly. Let us know if it works out.
  14. I just emailed Joi, I will let you guys know if I receive any answer.

    The problem is that IDEELI only gives you 15 days to return the item from the date it was sent .....but they don't bother to respond to the emails sent on their customer support address.
  15. I completely disagree........I think any site that has shown to be problematic to even one consumer should be revealed. Obviously OP tried multiple times to give them a "chance" and it still appears to be screwed up. I think it's great to have people report on a site's performance. We all realize it is one poster's experience that kicked it off and not necessarily everybody's.

    Also, notice how more and more people have had bad experiences as well despite Ideeli's current pledge to rectify things.

    I've searched their site and will continue to but with knowledge that I might have a hassel w/ my order. Maybe not, but good to know anyway.