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  1. It was christmas and i was going to buy a messenger bag for my boyfriend, i ordered on the 10th, they were having FREE STANDARD SHIPPING (3-5 business days) so i expected i should received my bag by at least the 18th, however, on 15th they finally sent me a tracking and it was a FEDEX HOME DELIVERY which is 5-7 business days, and i recieved the messenger bag on the 22nd!!!! THIS IS AWFUL!!! I called the representativse and ask them what is going on, they used wrong shipping method, so i filed a claim, they said they will do a partial refund to me and will send me an email about it within 10 days, alrite then, but after 10days still no emails, so i call them back, and they said i need to wait 30 days?????????????:wtf:

    *the "FREE SHIPPING" sucks, it is a trick
    *No gift wrap option for the messenger bag......... horrible!
    *Burberry ships slower than eBay sellers!!!
    *Order before 2 weeks form the date you need the bag!
  2. not all is good.
  3. do you think it's safe to buy now? i don't need it anytime soon? and maybe it was the holiday season...but i've had this experience w/ Gucci...they don't even have a number you can call and talk with a real person
  4. like people, businesses/companies are not always perfect.

    I dont know where you're getting your information from but standard shipping via fedex IS fedex home delivery. and according to, fedex home delivery is 1-5days which is what you were quoted from the beginning. Therefore Burberry DIDN'T use the wrong shipping method.

    Also you ordered the bag on a Sunday, it takes time to process an order and maybe they ran into some trouble with trying to verify your card or your bank was taking longer than expected with authorization. Don't forget that Saturday/Sunday don't count as business days and it was during the holidays. I think 5 days is a reasonable amount of time between the time you place your order and the time you receive your tracking.

    AND I think it's extremely nice of Burberry to offer you a partial refund, especially considering that you didnt even have to pay or shipping and there's nothing wrong with the item!

    If you're this upset because it took 5 days to process you order, I wouldnt order from Eluxury or other big luxury companies...
  5. i read this post and was about to mention eluxury also..
    if you are pissed with burberry they will really rattle your cage. Not that i have had bad experiances with them but they do take their sweet ass time.

    I have only used once in the past and had a good experiance all round... i'm more into the whole store experiance.
  6. Unfortuantely, things like that will happen that will leave bad tastes in your mouth.....keeping contacting them and see what they can do for visit the store - which is why I prefer to buy from a store than online, unless I am buying from ELUX and getting ****** rewards or buying from - love that site, it's for LV in case you didn't know.
  7. if you dont need it soon, yes order with them
    but i would prefer eluxury
    but eluxury sometimes sux too because even they said they have that in stock, but later they will tell you it ran out of stock.
    [ps. burberry does have a number to speak with representative]

  8. you think they are nice? and u think they will really refund to me?
    today is finally 30 days, so i called them
    guess what they said?
    they would not refund to me because i received the bag and because it was a free shipping, so they cannot do anything even it was late, but i asked them already "it was a free shipping so i will still get money back?" they said "yes"
    (they thought i did not receive my bag so they file a claim for items not recieved for shipping refund, LOL)
    they totally wasted my time for keep calling them for 4 times!
    i receieved it on the 22nd, it is still more than 5 business days
    if burberry had it in store, i would buy it there
    too bad it was only avaiable online

    the standard free shipping for burberry is 3-5 business days
  9. yes i would preferred to buy in store because i can get it directly
    but it wasn't in store too bad
  10. yes exactly but it wasn't avaliable in store so i have to order online is good but the choices are too narrow, i love LV but my boyfriend likes burberry and it was a gift for him, and lucky that i ordered on the 10th, if i ordered just 2 days later, then he will not get it on the christmas day!
  11. I don't get why you're mad? You received the item before Christmas so what's the big deal? If you were in a hurry you should have asked for expedited shipping. Besides, while it may take 5-7 business days shipping, it may take longer for them to locate the item in the warehouse and then package it for shipping -- esp. since this was over the holidays. :yes:
  12. once 2 weeks before christmas hits, EVERYBODY has slower shipping. i assure you it isn't some plot against you to tick you off. there's more that goes into it than i think you realize (one big thing being the day in which you ordered...the other being so close to the holidays).

    trust me, i understand. it's happened to me and i tend to get very impatient. but it is what it is. the delivery stuff is only estimates- and i think they put that on the site?
  13. sorry for stating the obvious but it was FREE shipping so what do you expect them to refund you for? If you had to pay for shipping then fine, go and complain and get your money back but you didnt pay one penny towards shipping. What you're asking from Burberry is like going to a cosmetic counter after you get a free gift with purchase and returning the gift with purchase and asking for money back.

    It was 5 business days from the date you placed your order to the time you got your tracking number, that's a pretty reasonable time during the holidays. and you received your bag in 5 days, the time that Burberry has listed for it's standard shipping.
  14. ita
  15. me too!