Do Not Buy A Muse From Anetzky!!!

  1. Those of us who are active in the YSL authenticate thread have noticed many people keep asking of the authenticity of a muse posted by eBay seller Anetzky.

    NO, NO, NO! :tdown: The pics show the muse the seller is selling is fake!

    On the YSL authenticate this thread, please start reading the posts from #825 on, so you can see and read why the muse sold by this seller is fake.

    One TPF member already bought a fake muse from this seller and has started a claim with paypal.

    (Mods: I apologize in advance if I posted something inappropriate on this thread, but the seller keeps posting these pics of a fake muse:cursing: and TPF members keep asking us to authenticate :girlsigh:).

  2. OMG! :shocked:

    This seller is posting the same pics of an awful, fake muse-AGAIN!

    I give up. I reported this seller 6 times to eBay.

    Why are they letting this person get away with this? :rant:

    The current bid is around $400 and there are 6 bids!!!
  3. Utka1987 must buy the awful YSL muse fakes from the same supplier.

    The pics of the black YSL muse posted are almost identical to Anetzky's.

  4. I saw her listing again yesterday and remembered what I read here. I reported it so maybe they'll take her down? She lives about 3 hours from me..I may drive over and tell her to knock it off! :nogood: