Do NM order 2.55 Patent Reissue?

  1. My local NM SA told me they did not order 2.55 patent reissue but I seem to hear someone did get it from NM? Just confused. :wtf:

    I really need to have 2.55 patent reissue. Please help! TIA
  2. I don't know about other sizes but NM didn't order the patent leather 227. I had to get mine from Saks.
  3. Are there new patent reissue coming in? What sizes? I was searching for a 225, but never know whether there IS a patent reissue 225 anyway. TIA for any info that helps~

  4. Regina07 - When was that and what size did you get?
  5. For 2007 cruise, NM ordered size 226 in white & navy. I got the white 226.
  6. I bought the 227 black patent from Saks in July at the EGC event.