Do NM and saks give price adjustments for sale?

  1. If you buy a bag on sale, do they give you a price adjustment if it goes on further markdown within 2 weeks?
  2. yea they should do that if it's within two weeks. They have for me. Shoot, if the GAP can do that, Neimans should definitely be able to, also.
  3. What a great question. That is good to know.
    Is it two weeks (14 days) for sure? Some stores only do 7 days.
  4. For Saks it's 14 days and it depends on who you talk to. Some SA say there are no adjustment for sale items but some SA will do it
  5. If they won't do it and the bag is still in the stores, return and rebuy it.
  6. Don't know about Neiman and Saks but I know Nordstrom does it. Actually, if there's a Neiman, Saks, Bloomdingdales, or any other major dept store near Nordstrom and they have the same items on sale, Nordstrom WILL match the price.

    I love Nordstrom, awesome service and great price matches
  7. :yes: Exactly. How stupid do they think we are? If they say no all I'm going to do is return and rebuy.
  8. maybe that should be my new mantra

    return and rebuy
    return and rebuy

    hubby will be so excited that i'm returning something, only to discover i bring the same purse home
  9. They usually do at NM unless they've put up a sign saying that they won't. I've seen that sign during the Last Call sales before. Luckily, I was saved by a good SA who told me that the bag I was wanting to buy would be marked down another 20% in 2 weeks, and that I could prepay that price and wait to pick up the bag at that time. I would have been so angry if I'd seen it cheaper in 2 weeks and not been able to get the price adjustment.
  10. :roflmfao: