Do newer LV Speedy's have plastic lining in the pocket inside the bag?

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  1. I just bought a LV Speedy off of Ebay. It looks IDENTICAL to every authentic bag I have from LV except that it has a light plastic lining in the pocket. Is this a new thing that is done or do I have a *really great* fake? Thanks.
  2. I would take pics and post it in the authentic this thread :smile:
  3. My Speedys have a slick coating inside the pocket. Post in the Authenticate thread to be sure.
  4. my new neverfull has a plastic lining in the pocket, dont know about the speedys though
  5. The inside pockets of my Speedies have coated linings as well.
  6. my month old speedy 35 azur has a plastic type of coating in the pocket as well.
  7. My older Speedy has a coated pocket as well.
  8. it's more like just a coating right? if so, then you're fine.
  9. I just checked my speedy and realized that it DOES have a light coating on the inside pocket

  10. My New Speedy 35 has the plastic material liner in the inside patch was bought from the same FABULOUS SA I have bought many of my bags from at the Scottsdale Vuitton. I trust him completely.
  11. I just checked mine, and I have a plastic coating also. I think you are ok!
  12. I bought a Speedy in 2005 and in 2008 and they both had a plastic like lining.
  13. It's also the same with the NF
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.