Do new totes come out twice a year?

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  1. Saw this tote in boutique yesterday. It is a seasonal piece and dark blue caviar. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463166085.284256.jpg Definitely won't be there when I'm ready to purchase. Do totes come out before the holiday season or just after for cruise? Are there certain times of year where more readily available? Thanks!
  2. Hi Phillyfan, this may not be helpful because I cannot answer your question, but since it presupposes you will not find this bag when you are eventually ready to purchase...please keep in mind the ISO thread. I posted on there that I was looking for a Chanel jumbo from a year ago that I was sure I would never find, and a TPF member put me in touch with his SA. The bag is mine now. Good luck and I hope someone can answer your question.
  3. I actually bought this tote in black with gold Hardware last month and my SA told me I got the last one that her store had and it would not be reordered. This is from the cruise collection and once the stores sell out of them, they don't reorder them. I have to say it is a really great tote as is very light to carry and very durable. I have been searching for a Chanel tote and this was perfect as it had the quilting and the CC with the turn lock. I was not ready to buy it but decided to jump on it anyway since most stores I called sold out of them. I think there will be new tote bags with the fall line but have not seen any pictures of what they will look like

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  4. squeeni - is yours caviar? Cause I saw the black and had my hands on that one too! The black was calfskin and ever so slightly lighter in weight than the caviar. I'll post pic. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463175037.756501.jpg
  5. I would be happy with either the blue or the black. I just hope something is similar available when I'm ready to buy! They had other totes but very boxy and not quite as deep. Perhaps an inch and a half shorter.
  6. It is not caviar but is calfskin. The black doesn't come in caviar like the Navy. But, I am using it everyday and have no issues so far with scratches. It seems durable and is super light. I like that it was squishy and not boxy like other totes I tried on

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  7. Totally love this bag but unfortunately it doesnt stock in my city. What a beauty!