Do new jeans shrink in length?

  1. I just got some Sevens and took them to be altered, then on the website just now I read that they recommend to wash/dry before altering (they have that for all brands). Now, I'm a little worried, do they really shrink in length, since I don't really recall any jeans shrinking. TIA.
  2. they tend to shrink over time... not usually after 1 wash. however, i always wash my stuff before getting them altered, just in case. i'm sure they'll be fine. just wash them in cold water, and if you're really worried, you can line dry them.
  3. Yes they do! I never put jeans in the dryer that I care about lol. I ALWAYS hang dry my jeans. Im pretty tall(5'8'') and most of the time I cant afford for my jeans to shrink even the least bit. My SO accidentally dried a pair of my seven I cant wear them with anything that has a heal or else I look like I'm waiting for a flood to come!
  4. It's recommended that you wash a pair of jeans before having it altered. And I usually do just to be on the safe side. . .
  5. Oh no, about how much did they shrink? Maybe I should go back tomorrow and get them back, I doubt she's done them already.
  6. Mine always tend to shrink! So be careful and I also would not recommend drying jeans.
  7. I always do, and only maybe once or twice has there been enough shrinkage to save me from having to take them to the RainmentTweakologist.

    So when jean shopping, I automatically add $8 to whatever the price tag says. :sad:
  8. You should always wash them before altering them, even though they will not shrink a lot after the initial first wash. But I have had jeans shrink up to 2" in length after repeated washing. To maintain the length, and the quality and wash of the denim, I would wash them in cold water, skip the dryer, and hang dry them.
  9. Im short so I've never noticed shrinking but my ex roomate who is 5'9 and can't afford for her jeans to shrink put her sevens in the dryer and she said they shrank so much lengthwise she doesnt wear them much anymore.
  10. the jeans shrink? the SA at Nordstroms told me to go a size down from what i normally wear because they stretch! should i return and get my normal size (26) instead of a 25??
  11. you should wash/dry them before altering them. but if you forgot, you can damp stretch them back to their original length. when your jeans are damp, just pull on the legs until they dry. sometimes you can get a couple of inches.

    heat ruins the stretch fibers in denim, so you *shouldn't* put stretch jeans in the dryer. i'm lazy so i throw them in there anyway. i haven't had any problems so far.
  12. They do shrink a tad but nothing to noticable. With stretch jeans I always go down a size. I tend to wear 25 so in stretch jeans I buy 24. After a couple of months they fit just right.
  13. Jeans do shrink 1/4" inch after wash/dry. When I need to get my jeans alterated, I usually ask the tailor to leave an additional 1/4". That way, it will be the correct length after I wash the jeans. And if the jeans didn't shrink, I will just wear them with higher heels.