Do new denim cabas bags have hanging medallion/Chanel logo charm?? w/ pic

  1. I have seen DJO posted the new coming denim cabas pic and was wondering if they have hanging medallion/Chanel logo charm as those in regular and baby cabas do??

    I think that medallion logo is really cute and added timeless value for the bag and i'm a bit hesitate to get the denim one if it doesnt have one ...:crybaby:

    picture is from DJO :smile:
  2. *feels dumb* What's DJO? And I LOVE that bag! Do you know when they're coming to boutiques?
  3. i'm not sure because never see it IRL, but i think the point of all coco cabas style is the medaliion too?

    maybe the medaliion hanging inside the bag because most coco cabas have this problem when carried, sometimes instead of hanging outside, it snucks inside :p

    btw, where u get this pic from?
  4. No,it doesn't have it...:sad: My SA told me so before shipping it to me :yes: I should get it today :yahoo:
  5. but the huge CCs on the front, which are much more visible than they are on the black vinyl one, speak for themselves...honestly, i think the dangling medallion as well, would be overkill. the bag is classy and screams Chanel the way it is! (in my opinion, of course////)
  6. Excellent point. I think that makes sense, as to why there is no dangling medallion. :yes:
  7. personally, i would prefer the medallion than the CC stitching!
    the medallion is more subtle but the huge CC stitching on the denim is very obvious...
  8. I totally agree with you and that's what i'm thinking about the denim cabas. I love the vinyl and leather one with not very visible huge Chanel logo with tiny cute medallion hanging out there. But I don't think i still have the chance to get into the wait list.

    But after all, denim cabas indeed is a really nice representation bag with that kind of combination.:yes:

    Here is what i original saw the pix from: