Do new Birkins always come with ...

  1. The orange/taupe felt cover thingy? I don't know what you call those, it's the one that they place under the Birkin flap? Do the bags always come with it?
  2. Yes, is the answer, Kou.
  3. I can't say the same with Kellys though.
  4. I think both Kelly's and Birkins always come with them fresh from the box. I have seen my SA remove them once (and was planning to toss it! :wtf: ) until I asked for it to be placed in the box.
  5. yes they should all come with them but like fc i have seen sa's throw them in the bin so if you where not the 1st person to see it it may be gone...
  6. Always always. If it's not there, that means your SA lost it somewhere in the store.
  7. That's strange... Because I witnessed a shrinkwrapped box containing a Birkin being opened and there was no felt protector on it. Do you know if the stores have shrinkwrapping machines?
  8. kou: please don't tell me this will be yet another obstacle in finding ur perfect fuschia bag???!!
  9. LOL! Of course not, I'm just curious :smile:
  10. Mine did, fresh from the box.

  11. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Oh Kou..... bring the tought police in with you the next time you go to H! They will catch those naughty re-shrinkwrapping monsters!

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  13. roflmao

    i would assume they are always shipped with them, but then possibly removed by SAs once they've been brought out of the box. cannot solve the mystery of the one you saw kou. if this one was a fluke, out of the hundreds shipped out each year, just this one happened to be sealed up by a forgetful or depressed or exhausted or distracted or new shrink-wrapper, of all the boutiques in all the world, why did it have to be opened in front of you?! wish you'd asked the SA about it then and there (who better to answer, considering the volume they see), so we'd all know.
  14. :graucho: :graucho: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  15. This part made me laugh so hard!!!