do nail places cheat you?

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  1. *very mad* i went to get a manicure today and i wanted a cute halloween pumpkin design on my nails. So the girl whips out a packet of stickers, takes the pumpkin one, and plops it on my nail. are they supposed to use stickers? every other design i've gotten for example a flower, they have drawn it on for me with a nail polish brush or marker. the pumpkin sticker isnt even good looking and that cost me 5 extra dollars for one on each hand. to top it off, she told me to go under the dryer for 3 cycles (which obviously isnt enough time) so im on the 4th cycle when she comes over with the fast drying oil and says "what one are you on" so i tell her im on the fourth and she starts putting the oil over my nails and says once its finished im free to go. so im like alright. the cycle stops and i go to touch my nail-what do you know? it smudges! so i go to press the on button again..and it wouldnt go on. im sitting there shaking my head at the fact that she practically pulled the plug on me so i couldnt do another cycle. im only seventeen but really now i feel like i have to go with an adult.
  2. I once had one place charge me a stupid amount for flower stickers they put on my toes. I have never gone back to them for a pedi and if I ever do, I will be sure to decline any "designs".
  3. Yes, call my cynical, but I think most places (not just nail salons) will try and rip customers off if they think they can get away with it. I look very young for my age (27) and am often either being given a run-around or I feel like I am being ignored/taken advantage of. I used to go to a nail salon and realized they started charging me different amounts everytime I went--even if I had the exact same service.
  4. Except for about once a year, I just paint mine myself. I don't rip myself off.:biggrin:
  5. Oh gosh, I had toooo many of these experiences when I was a teen. That prompted me to learn how to do my own nails. I even learned how to do the 3D Japanese deco nails!
  6. Yea, I paid something like $10 extra the first time I asked for 'gel' nails. Turns out all I got was an acrylic nail with a gel overlay, which is NOT the same! I was not happy, haven't gone back since. TBH I try to go places where English is the primary language spoken, I just feel more comfortable there and I feel like if there are any problems I am more comfortable asking for help.
  7. I think so. So instead I use the money for Chanel and Lippmann nail colors.
  8. LOL. Ditto. Although I'm not very good at giving myself hand massages :P
  9. yes most places will try to rip you off. Generally I don't have good impressions from the various salons I've been. The employees are too fake, dishonest, gossipy, and make fun of customers when they leave even if they tip them well. One of the reasons I'm not very friendly or too open to the technicians. I'd rather project the "*****" personality and get a good service out of fear/intimidation, than being cheated and then mocked.
  10. Exactly, I know those places too. I am really glad I found a great manicurist who doesn't try to rip me off or talk me into something I don't want.
  11. When I was in high school I got some really bad service and that prompted me to learn how to do my own nails too like xlovely. I've had a drill used on my natural nails and she slipped and got my skin! Sometimes when I'd go I'd get charged different rates too like EmmaLee83. I've never had stickers used in place of real nail art but it doesn't surprise me. I'm sure some places are great and fantastic but there sure are a lot of terrible nail salons.
  12. I usually go to an upscale spa nearby for pedicures because I didn't like going to the places that did 50 people at a time. It costs more but it is worth it for the more relaxing experience and knowing I'm not being ripped off. I also don't like going where they speak other languages, because I feel like they are talking about me.
  13. I've never been "ripped off" per se, but I don't like nail salons where the techs speak other languages in front of you. I think that's incredibly rude. The best service I have ever had has always been at American salons. They understand exactly what I want (I have long natural nails) and I don't need to worry that they're talking about me right in front of me. English is my DH's 3rd language and he would never speak anything other than English in front of people who only speak English. I don't get how people don't know how rude that is. It seems that the Asian salons around here tend to only really know how to handle artificial nails. I've told them not to use the drill and yet they whip it out and I have to snatch my hand away! They don't get my business. I mostly do my own nails. I don't feel ripped off. But then again I don't ask for anything other than a manicure so there's no room to rip me off.
  14. I live in an area that has tons of competitive nail salons and some of them treat their customers very bad ...even the upscale ones! Luckily I've found one (asian owned) that I love going to! I've never seen/heard of using stickers instead of painting on a design though! That is horrible!!
  15. I never got ripped off but they would try to do it when I was younger:
    -Varying prices. A full set would be a different price each time I went. Even for the same style.
    -Varying prices by nail art. Sometimes it would be $3, $5, or more. Depended on the tech.
    -A full set would be $17 but if you wanted them longer they would charge more. It's not like they would even be using another nail or anything.
    -Incorporating treatments that I didn't ask for.