Do My Poupette Sellers sell 100% authentic?

  1. Can I assume that My Poupette Sellers only sell authentic items?
  2. anything you buy from anyone should be checked out with either this board or an authenticator like carol at caroldiva. my poupette sellers go through rigorous checks to make sure they are good sellers but no matter what things can always slip through the cracks. i always double triple check especially on expensive items. hth!
  3. agree with hlfinn, I've heard a few times that MPRS ever sold fake...
  4. Before you purchase anything that you are not 100000% sure of, make sure you cross check it with caroldiva or any of the talented ladies on these boards :yes:
  5. I've never heard of a fake being sold by them, but have heard of a few sellers from Asia uing moth balls to preserve bags and sometimes the smell is highly annoying. But never a fake...I think that rumor was put out by some of the people MyPoupette has turned in for selling fakes.
  6. yes I have seen mypoupette sellers sell fakes with my own eyes, when reported, my poupette acknoleged this. Most of the sellers are good honest people doing their hobbie which is selling authentic LV but a few like to mix real with fakes.
  7. If you do a search, you will find many threads on this topic. I agree that you shouldn't blindly trust anyone selling on eBay but I also believe that it is a rare instance that an MPRS has sold a fake. And I imagine if you search, you will find it is one or two bad apples.
  8. I have recently seen one seller who recently became a my Poupette Seller that has sold fakes in the past.
  9. I've seen them sell fakes too. After they are verified as a MPRS it's not like they check oout every auction of theirs.
  10. I've seen it once. A few years ago a MPRS purchased a Vernis LV from somone on eBay and then left them negative feedback for selling them a fake. Care to guess what she did with it? Yep. Turned right around and sold it on eBay. Not everyone can be trusted.
  11. You can never be too sure! It's safe you can have it autenticated by teh members here or somewhere else.

  12. :wtf: Hopefully she's no longer a MPRS! They can get stripped of their MPRS status if they sell fakes isn't it?
  13. NO!
    I know two people that have had my poupette problems.
    One received a fake! and the other gals item was not as described and the owner of my poupette didn't even address the situation!
  14. I heard being a My Poupette recognized seller, you have to pay a fee. Also, the logo can be cut and paste into anyone's listing. So, always ask sellers questions and verify with the forum if you have any doubts.
  15. there was a thread about this on tPF a while ago. But its Very easy to become a mypoupette seller, the only obstacles are selling LV and a phone interview with Angie then there are fees that you anyone can do it. Like I said before Mypoupette can be great and there are some very honest sellers but there are allways bad ones who will use the mypoupette logo to their advantage.

    I have never told this story before here on tPF but I know of a girl who buys alot of fake bags (I do not agree with it) anyway she listed a fake bag on ebay and a mypoupette seller e-mailed her once about shipping and even BID on her fake bag twice :wtf: when she told me this I was astonished.

    You have to be very careful on ebay.