Do my feet just look weird in these?

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  1. Pic attached

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  2. Are the shoes supposed to look wider across the middle, or more uniform from toe to ankle?
  3. Are these the superstar low tops or the high top ones? And are you wearing thick socks in this pic?
  4. It looks like the laces aren't pulled through correctly?
  5. Had a similar thing with high top Nike , have you got a high instep ? Some just dont lace up that close if you have ?.
  6. They look unusually large in those sneakers. It reminds me of a trend when I was in high school where the kids would put an extra folded sock on top of their feet to achieve that oversized, puffed-up look.
  7. They do look off, not sure if it's the lacing or perhaps the size?
  8. Nope! That's just how wide my feet are :/ lol
  9. I think you need a half size larger?
  10. Have you tried lacing the way that @curlsaloud suggested? I think the shoes would look much better that way...