Do my eyes deceive me?

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  1. Someone just paid £400 for it....always ask for pics of corners! :tup:
  2. Well my dear ladies, I can happily lay the puzzling to rest! It was I who bought this bag on Monday, and after reading your posts I had a very sleepless night ... had I been a silly billy? I had as you could see, asked if there were marks on the front corners, but seller said very slight.

    So I waited with some major trepidation, but the bag arrived today and I can report that there is no scuffing to the corners of this bag. It is in lovely condition, there is the tiniest dark spot on one side but it looks worse in the photo than IRL where you really need to look hard to see it. Apart from that, nothing, no marks, scuffs or anything, and the inside looks like it has never been used! A good colloniling at the weekend and then she can go into her dustbag till winter is safely over!

    So I am one happy bunny - I think sometimes the high quality images pick up reflections etc which look like marks. And when we are spending hundreds of pounds it is nerve wracking, but thankfully this story has a happy ending (and my black SBS has a new friend)!

  3. Congratulations on picking up a bargain and we'd love to see a proper reveal of her :tup:
  4. Thanks Cupcake, I was not trying to suggest I had a bargain, but I think we have to be careful to remember there are some very genuine and honest ebayers (or 'Fleabayers' as I see them called on here) out there.
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    Ive sent her a message. I Think she may have uploaded the wrong pics.:smile:

    Heres the reply;
    Hi yes it was as that time photos were not ready yet while eBay asking me to put st least 1 photo to complete listing!
    Thank you
  6. Thanks for resolving this one! The answer is: Yes, your eyes deceive you! :smile:

    Enjoy your lovely bag. As I'm both a seller and buyer on ebay it's good to have your feedback.
  7. ......and the moral here is: be cautious (obviously) when contemplating buying from Fleabay - and ask all the appropriate questions/request all the relevant photos - but it is best to have a "glass half full" attitude I think.....there are obviously the usual scammers out there, but also a hell of a lot of lovely doesn't put me off buying from ebay, and it won't in future, and indeed I have had some of my best Mulberry purchases from there!....
  8. I have the same doubts about this *Immaculate Condition* bag. I really like it but noticed scuffs to the corner (then i noticed another one on another corner). I did ask the seller who could well be a member of here, about it and she replied
    *Thanks for spotting the mark on the bag, I think it must have rubbed against the wall because it's come straight off with a rub.*
    But im still not totally convinced. I suppose i could always ask for an updated photo ?.
  9. When i posted the above i did include the ebay link to the bag but somehow it dissapeared :cool:
  10. Geddes, I would definitely ask for more photos of the corners. I was the buyer of the bag which prompted this thread originally, and that is what I did. The seller sent me some which were not 'over-lit' and it was much more accurate a representation of the true bag. I took a gamble and could not be happier with my oak SBS.

    At the end of the day, it is a balancing act; we are buying on ebay to avoid paying full shop prices so there must be some compromise, but of course we don't want ebay sellers to embellish the truth - I feel that 'immaculate' is a dangerous word to use in a listing, as the slightest imperfection then seems to suggest a manipulation of the truth!

    Good luck with getting some more photos, and fingers crossed they put your mind at rest one way or the other.

  11. I have asked for updated images so lets see what happens. A Ledbury is on my list of must haves (but dont need) and so have no option but to buy on ebay. I dont care if its *rare* or *most wanted* a second hand scuffed bag is a scuffed bag no mater who makes it and there is only so much i am prepared to pay for that !. I do realise a second hand bag is most likely to have some wear.
    Unfortunately there are a few gems on ebay at the moment but im not rushing in. Rather than spend £350 on this one (or any bag with scuffs) i would rather put the extra £150 and go and buy the Lily that i want before that goes up.
    *The one* will come along.