Do Mulberry still sell the Phoebe?

  1. I've just taken a look online and the Phoebe is not mentioned on the Mulberry site - can anybody tell me if I can still buy a Phoebe, I'm really after the Olive Green version?

    It will be my very first Mulberry purchase.

    Also, does anybody have an idea what the price of the Phoebe is (in the UK)?
  2. Hi - they are not sold on the website anymore but they are sold in the outlets. They retailed at £595 and generally sale for either £416 or £346 at the outlet depending on the colour HTH:smile:
  3. Hi,
    I think you can only get it from the factory shops-wait until the experts come in-they will give you a better answer!!!:tup:
  4. hard colour to get ! they don't come up very often .
  5. Thanks for your help. I suppose Black or Oak would be easier to get hold of.

    What outlets sell them in the UK please?
  6. The main outlet is at Mulberry's HQ at Shepton Mallet. I saw the olive Phoebe there in the summer. If you do a thread search it will bring up previous ones about the outlet which has its phone number.
    There are also outlets at Bicester Village and York. All will mail out to you. I use the factory shop at Shepton and most times I've been they've had Phoebe in one colour or another - last time they had green, oak and chocolate.
    I wouldn't leave it too long if you do want a Phoebe though as the longer the bag has been discontinued the fewer they get coming through to the outlets.
    They are very helpful and will do a stock check for you if you call them.
  7. Oh lovely, thanks sarajane. I'll contact them now.
  8. YYEESS!! They have some - now just 1 begging phone call to my hubby at work and hopefully I can get one.

    Do you think that Olive would be a silly colour to get - would I be better getting Black or Oak. I love the bag itself but I saw somebody yesterday with an Olive Green one and it looked really nice.

    I don't work (I'm a full time mum) so I don't wear suits or anything, normally Jeans and casual things. I think the green would got with pretty much most things. Don't you?
  9. I'm so glad they had the Phoebe. I really love the olive green and if you wear jeans, black & browns then it would be a perfect colour.
    Black is a classic colour but I think it would be a bit heavy for the summer whereas the olive would be great all year round.
    The only issue I had with the oak was that it looked as if marks would show quite easily on it. I always think I should buy a tan coloured bag because it goes with everything but something stops me. The olive is far more distinctive but please go with your gut instinct. Buy the colour you love as you know you'll use it! Can't wait to see the pics.
  10. Oh Ali now look what you've made me go and do - I couldn't get the idea of the olive Phoebe out of my mind after reading this thread. Called Shepton and they had it for £297!!!! Last time I was there it was £416. So.... just couldn't resist. We'll be twinnies.
  11. :confused1: Hopefully wasn't the last one :wtf: Love the Phoebe in Olive!!!
  12. You'll see from my reply to your other thread that I haven't yet been able to persuade my hubby (who has the money!) that I NEED this bag so as the post below you says - I hope this wasn't the last one!!!

    I think I will have to phone him again and make all sorts of promises to him so that I can get one now before everybody else phones the factory shop and gets a bargain too.
  13. Tell him it'll be your Christmas present and you're saving him the hassle of having to think of something & go out & buy it. I'd even promise to wrap it up for him!
  14. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to get this bag now even at this remarkable price, unless my hubby is feeling very very generous because - yesterday, as we were making our way back to our car in town (after setting up a room for a suprise retirement party, which went down really well by the way!) my hubby and I walked past a local jewellers and as we passed we saw a gorgeous (and huge) eternity ring in the window.

    My hubby has been promising me an eternity ring for 10 years (we had to be married for 10 years before he'd get me one! - our 10 year anniversary was in July!).

    Well, we went into the jewellers and I GOT THE RING!!!!!!! Wow! but it does mean that after that - I may not be able to get that bag for the moment!

    I'll definately try though.