Do Mulberry seriously think that people will spend actual real money on this???!!!

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  1. Well it's not that bad compared to a lot of seasonal bags produced by other brands. This seems pretty toned down...and I sorta like it haha
  2. Someone will. Plus I have seen a lot of colored shearling in other brands fall preview.
  3. This is a one season fashion piece and I guess made in fairly limited quantities. Not my cup of tea but there will be some fashionistas who will love it. I'm too old to be one of them !
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  4. So am I but if you are young and have the money and want something quite different perhaps! I asked my daughter her opinion and she said not for me either!
  5. Looks like it needs a saucer of milk
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  6. :yucky::yucky::yucky: not for me either
  7. I wonder what the quality of it is like.
  8. lol! I actually think in a clutch it would be fun! {and on sale ;) }
  9. It looks like a Vivienne Westwood bag.
  10. Someone will buy it, even if just as a collectible.
  11. Somewhere, a homeless rat family is praising this design.
    And plotting to move in.
  12. Quite frankly it's just as ugly as some of Coach's latest sheepskin releases. Me no like!!
  13. image.jpg
    I got an email from mulberry yesterday which brought home to me how far they have sunk..nothing appeals i have unsubscribed from emails for good..the buckle satchel is the only bag that appeals but tbh the rest has ruined any enjoyment of even that for me So i wont be buying it or buying mulberry ever again..have just bought the large multitasker bag for OH next big birthday in Sept and that is us done for good..he hates the new mens stuff as much as mum and i hate the womens no more mulberry under our Christmas tree after all these years..we have hundreds of bags and small items over the years sad!!
  14. It is sad they seemed to flush loyal customers down a python & popper encrusted loo.:yucky:
    Mulb either will wise up or go bye-bye, perhaps.
    But, am happy with bags I own, still. With wee tree.:smile:
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