Do Mulberry make Coloured Purses ?

  1. Just Been Looking On the Mulberry website , I`m trying to find a coloured purse to match or blend with my Pink Hanover bag , couldn`t find one !!

    Do they still make coloured purses , anyone know??
  2. Tara,hun,I have no idea,I think if you call Mulberry themselves after xmas they would be able to tell you,if they don't how about going for a contrast one?? I bet a pale turquoise color with that magenta pink would look incredible!!! Maybe have a look at other designers and see what they have,thats why in the end I went for the Paul Smith stuff,sort of goes with everythng in a quirky way,so I only had to buy one purse to go with all my bags.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  3. Cheers , do you know another good brand to look at ??
  4. Possibly Chloe,they do some quite zingy colors,or maybe a nude colored one, and I think I saw some nice Balenciaga ones,I'm sure one of them was a rich purple,one that would match the motorbike bag. That would look very cool with magenta,and the color would be quite good in as much it would'nt show up lots of crap!!

    I think I'm going to have to call it a night as my sleeping tablet has kicked in with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer,but I promise you I'll have a think and get back to you tommorow!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  5. Thanks guys , now off to have a look at them :tup:
  6. Found one , the pink agyness wallet , only one problem it costs more than I paid for the hanover :drool: , oh well have to keep looking !!!
  7. Do they sell Kate Spade or Isabella Fiore over there?? I have a light blue KS that is pink when you open it. I have an Isabella handbag that I really like and she has some interesting things. You either love or hate.
  8. Yes they do sell coloured purses - def at the outlets. SM usually has a lot although I've not seen a pink one to match Hanover yet.
  9. Been havin a think,and something is tugging at my memory,I think I saw somethin in Harvey Nicks or the bigger Selfridges,oh dear,I'll just HAVE to go back and look for you.All in the name of research you understand.Course you do!!

  10. Any excuse, we've got you sussed madam!!! :graucho: :lol:
  11. oh bugger!!! Nothing gets past you does it!!! Anyway!! Just been messing about!! AND LOOK AT MY AVATAR!!!!!:yahoo: Getting a bit cocky with this whole computer thing now!!!! OOO,and I had a nother wee dabble in the sales today,I always get Sophies stuff in the sales the next size up,she's now in the last lot I bought and summertime she'll be into the last of what I got last year,ANYWAY I was in Next doing ma thing,and promised myself I was NOT going to look in the ladies section,and went and damn well did did'nt I????

    But I scored the most beautiful sage colored 3/4 length suede belted coat, get this reduced to £40 quid from £80!! I actually fessed up to Andy straightaway,well,I want to wear it soon don't I!!!!???? Plus it was'nt as expensive as a bag!!!!!!!!!!:roflmfao:
  12. Saw an orange Chloe Heloise purse Tara on NAP in sale.The colour is quite vibrant but I like it.
  13. Too late :sad: its gone .
  14. I'm off to sunny M/C this afternoon,so I'll have a nose about,I'll have Sophie with me so it won't be that extensive,but if I'm canny I can fit Selfs and H Nicks in as they are practically next door to each other.

    What price do you want to stay under,bearing in mind its a purse.I don't think I could spend a fortune on one purse,my Paul Smith one was £185,I think, but it goes with all my bags so I was ok about that.
    Well I would be I suppose Andy bought it,after taking the p**s with the Russian Doll joke over the Roxy purse to go with the bag so he felt obliged to sort the situation!!!!! (funny bugger)