Do most Spring Collections have a pink flap?


May 2, 2014
Hi Ladies,

I’m wondering if those familiar with Chanel collections know how often they come out with pink flaps. I have been wanting a pale/light pink flap and there have been a few that came out the last 2 or 3 years that I liked but was unable to buy. Now that I’m in a better position, I’m keeping up with Chanel releases so I can snag what I want each season.

I saw that there is a pale pink flap coming out for cruise. I probably would need to see it in person but at the moment from what I see online I am not in love/obsessed with that shade of pale pink. It’s okay, but it doesn’t make my heart sing. But I really want to have a pale pink flap bag and I don’t really go preloved unless it is in pristine condition with a full set.

I know it’s impossible to predict what Chanel will release, and even if they do release a pink it may not be a pale pink. But I am just wondering if it’s a regular color they release? I wouldn’t mind buying this cruise bag and losing a little money to sell it next year if a better pale pink came along in 2022. But I would hold off on buying this cruise pink if it was likely a pink would Be released for SS21.

For reference of what kind of pink I want, I have the baby pink coco handle that was recently released. For my flap I want something more pale/pastel, a lighter pink, similar to the cruise color, but something about the undertone of that color reads grey or brown or something to me. Idk if it’s the lighting on my phone but something about that shade of pale pink had a weird undertone. But I wouldn’t want something as pale as the pink equivalent of the lilac color recently released. Hope that gives you a picture