Do most people in Chicago have cars?

  1. Specifically, the North Side.... Thanks! Sorry, not sure who else to ask. :shame:
  2. Yes but you can get away with not having one if you don't mind taking the subway everywhere.
  3. Are you really moving to Chicago? Have you found an apt? I assume that you are planning to live near Lincoln Park/Buck town area? Have you considered downtown, less crowded and newer apts. Check out Museum Park, lots od condos for lease unless you plan to buy, there's bunch there as well, all new.
  4. Yes, a lot people have cars but people take the L allover too.
  5. Yes, I'm really moving! I'm probably going with a girlfriend who got a job there with U Chicago.

    I've found 100 great apartments... man, no shortage of housing in this city. I'm going in June for a week to check them out and possibly sign a lease (although it still might be too early for a late Sept. move date).

    I've been looking all around Lincoln Park, downtown, basically all the yuppie neighborhoods.

    I'm from California where we looooove our cars. The average parking cost per month for the apartments I've looked at has been $125! That kind of puts me off taking my car....

    Thank you for your advice!
  6. If you can live without having your car readily available, people will rent their garages, sometimes at a pretty good price! (It's been awhile, I know it used to be pretty cheap, considering) It might be out of your immediate area, but maybe less money.
  7. You might want to think long and hard about owning a car here, especially in lincoln park or downtown. If your building doesn't have a parking space you may be stuck renting one somewhere else for $150+ per month. Street parking is possible, in theory, but after 18 months of it I sold my car, because I never drove it for fear of not having some place to put it once I got home. People complain about the drivers here, but generally I prefer them over drivers in SoCal and Boston (the two other places where I have any driving experience). I take public transportation everywhere, and it's a very reasonable option if you don't plan a lot of trips to the far suburbs. Keep in mind that in the neighborhoods streets are narrow, most of the streets are one-way (making navigation a bit difficult if you're not used to it), and many neighborhoods have permit-only street parking. The ones that don't require permits generally don't have a lot of spaces available. Downtown you will get towed for parking in a space that's even marginally illegal. A few years back they started towing in the downtown snow zones all winter regardless of whether there was actually any snow on the ground.
  8. I don't think you need a car in Chicago. I personally did when I lived downtown because I would go to the 'burbs to see my family on the weekends. Public transportation is good but take into consideration that if you live in Lincoln Park but are further east, you may have to take a bus downtown rather than the el or red line. I think if I were moving into the city without a car, I would live in Bucktown/Wicker Park as there is access to the blue line and lots of good restaurants, bars, etc... Other option is where I used to live, which was west of Halsted and north of North Avenue because then you can take the red line to the city, Gold Coast, etc.. Just some ideas. Any parts that you liked more than others???
  9. Most of the people I deal with do have cars. Public transportation is decent, but not great, and if you have to take more than one bus anywhere, it can take forever to get there. It does get bitterly cold in the winter, and a lot of the bus stops do not have shelters.

    If you decide to live in an area where parking is expensive/inconvenient make sure it is an area that is near the transportation you will need to get to work.
  10. Pretty much everyone I know has a car in the city. Even if they don't use it to get to and from work, it comes in handy. However, I wouldn't count on it for getting to and from work because day parking adds up very quickly.

    If your friend is working in Hyde Park, she may really want to consider how far north you guys live and her commute to work... U of Chicago isn't the easiest place to get to by public trans from the north side. I had a friend who would always btch about meeting me in LP and she'd complain that it took her an hour and a half to get up there... not sure if she was telling the truth or just tired of me never going down to that side of the city tho:P
  11. Thanks, Blue, that's what I told her, too. She's opposed to living on the South Side however...

    I don't seem to be finding many apartments in the Wicker Park area. The only search tool I've used is For the yuppie-ish neighborhoods, I'm averaging about $1500 for a two-bedroom. That's reasonable, right? Considering in Manhattan that would barely cover a tiny shoebox studio!
  12. Well, I wouldn't live on the South Side... but she may want to look at the transportation routes before signing a lease. Some places may be more conveneint than others.
  13. I don't think you HAVE to have a car- especially if you don't need to travel to the outer burbs. You can get around pretty well if your close to the routes (bus or what not).

    You could also check Chicago Craigslist for Apts. or the classified online at ChicagoTribune.
  14. I think the Chicago Reader has apartment listings too but I am not sure.
  15. It's probably at least 6 months out for me, but I'm hoping to move to Chicago as well. I've had the hardest time keeping a decent job here in Las Vegas (three lay offs in just over a year). I'm applying for jobs in Chicago now, but so far haven't had any interviews.

    I'm sure I'll bring my car with me when I move. Narrow streets and tricky parking are no problem for a MINI Cooper :smile: But I do hope to find a place near the train routes.

    I guess I'll keep checking this topic for helpful info from you local gals.