Do Monogram and Damier clash when together?

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  1. Okay, so I currently don't own any LV items yet, but I'm thinking about getting a Damier ebene cles for my keychain. I also am thinking about getting a Mono Neverfull MM. Do you think these will clash too much if I get them in the different prints? I was thinking about getting the Damier ebene Neverfull MM, but it seems like those won't be coming out any time soon, although it would be a while before I could get the Neverfull in the first place. Thoughts?:idea:
  2. would it stay inside the bag usually?
    I think they complement each other, they're the same color family.
  3. As the keychain... meaning going inside the bag, or do you plan on using it as a keycharm outside of the bag? If you mean inside the bag... GO for it... but I personally wouldn't use the Damier cles with a Mono Neverfull as the keycharm.
  4. My friend has a Hampstead and she uses her astropil as a charm. I think it will be fine.
  5. I clash all the time =] Here was yesterday!

    sss 286.jpg
  6. I don't like it for me, but I like the Azur with the Mono. I like it on other people though.
  7. i think both will eb fine,,.post pics..:yes:
  8. I mix and match all the time
  9. Thats why I love LV, its so easy to mix and match all the time! All my accessories are Mono and I use them inside my Damier speedy and they look great, IMO!
  10. It'll be great together! I do it all the time!
  11. I always attached my Damier Ebene Cles to my Monogram Sac Plat, for me it looks great, anyway it's all Louis Vuitton ;)
  12. I mix and match, too!
  13. using damier and mono together is lots of fun!

    I have the damier koala wallet with the red inside and use it with everything everything everything.
  14. Anyone want to put up any pics? (Thanks FashionMike!)
  15. Same here! My only non-mono accessories are my damier cles (usually use it with my damier bags, though sometimes I don't switch from my mono one) and my pomme vernis 4 key holder which goes with everything. Otherwise, my mono wallet, makeup case, poche' toilette, pochette, and checkbook cover are all mono and go in my damier bags.