Do mid range bags ever become high end?

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  1. Or do they tend to stay in their range? I often wonder if RM bags will become higher end.
  2. Sure - fashion works that way quite frequently
  3. ^

    I thouhght it usually went the other way around, esp lately with luxury labels trying to appeal to a mass market. Once you've gained that reputation, it's very hard to reverse, despite price increases. Burberry is a good example.
  4. hmmm i don't think so...

    IMO when i mid range label try to upgrade by increase the price, it would only made me think that they're overpriced.
  5. I think this way too, but wasn't sure if I am being naive.
  6. RM will never become high end they might raise the price but it never be like hermes,LV,chanel
  7. No they can never change their status RM yes uses good quality materials but does not have the history nor the following of higher end designers that sell classic bags such as the chanel flap bag or the hermes birkin etc!
  8. yes, brands can make 'careers' (see Guess that used to be Target brand, like Merona).
    But I can't beleive that mid range brand will ever become high end.
    There is the only way to become a high class - to be born as a high class.
  9. I think I agree with this theory too.

    I've started to think that about Anya Hindmarch and Zac Posen for example. At first their bags were in the moderate price range, but then the costs inched up. I came to the conclusion they were trying to make more money on their handbags than they were worth.
  10. High end bags are over priced too. A mid range designer moving to high end by raising their prices to me isn't much different than the so called higher end designers constantly raising their prices. And the quality and materials aren't jumping up with the prices. They're just out to make a bigger profit. I like the high end too, but it is what it is.
  11. I wonder if for example once a celebrity is seen it a mid range purse and starts a trend. I wonder if that becomes a high end item.
  12. hmmm i don't think so...
    a tod's will always be a tod's and a juicy couture will always be a juicy couture even if the most well known celebs carrying it.
  13. I do not think so.. mid-range lines like Coach, Rebecca Minkoff, etc. have established themselves as affordable luxury and would struggle to become more high end. What usually happens is a mid-range brand will try to acquire a high end brand. This is evident in the recent rumour that Coach is trying to acquire Burberry. An acquisition like this would provide Coach with instant access to the upscale market.
    Apart from the brand association ... I have always felt that you get what you pay for. Mid range bags can often do the trick and achieve their functional purpose, but the quality, construction, details, and durability often comes only with the higher end bags.
  14. RM better not become more high end lol.

    I love RM how it is. Great quality, great prices.
  15. I don't think so either. RM will never be high end. It started off mid range and will stay that way. You have to start off high end to stay high end. You can't exactly work yourself up since it's so stratified. Although it's not to say high end brand is exactly top quality either with all the stories of defects floating around. Once your high end, you don't need to try as hard to please customers.