Do micropave settings diminish a diamond's brilliance?

  1. In e-ring settings, do micropave settings (a border of small diamonds around the diameter of the diamond) diminish a diamond's brilliance and reduce the light return? It seems like because the sides of the diamond are covered, there would be less light entering from the sides of the diamond stone. Does anyone know if certain micropave settings reduce a diamonds sparkle?
  2. Does anyone know if the setting blocks the light coming in from the sides of the diamond if that will diminish the diamonds sparkle? Any diamond experts?
  3. The light goes through the top and is reflected (like mirrors) back out of the top into the rainbow sparkle. It will not matter if you cannot see the sides of the stone. Cut is the most important factor in how brilliant your diamond will be.
  4. she's right, light is reflected from the top, just look at bezel set diamonds:yes: they have as much fire as any prong set stones.
  5. Thank you ladies. I've asked saleswomen at Tiffany's and they said the opposite--that blocking the side would block light coming in and make the diamond less sparkly. I really don't think they know what they are talking about. I've been trying to find info on this on the web.
  6. do a search on
  7. I would disregard those particular salespeople - Tiffany itself makes a number of micropave/pave settings for its diamonds so I don't know why they would say that - obviously they wouldn't manufacture a setting that compromised a diamonds performance. I would do as Swanky said and search :smile:
  8. Halo settings in my experience don't diminish a diamond's brilliance. It has to be done well on a great stone.
  9. I second Swanky's rec to go to There are many beautiful halo rings on that website that will prove how sparkly they can be!
  10. I have seen many gorgeous rins such as these & I do not feel like they effect the sparkle. My mother has a pair of bezel set diamond stud earrings & they still have the brilliance!
    ring13.jpg Ring.jpg ring4.jpg