Do Messengers drape?

  1. All you Messenger owners: does it drape and form to your body? Or does it insist on being rectangular when you wear it? How flexible is the strap?

    What do you love about it?

    What bothers you about it?

    Thanks for your opinions!:yes:
  2. my messenger almost always drapes on me, more so when it's less full, but even when i stuff it with everything possible it still drapes.

    i love how unstructured, functional, and chic it is

    the only thing that bothers me is the length of the strap. it's adjustable, but sometimes i wish i could adjust so i could wear it shoulder length, or across my upper back. it's too long for that. not a major concern i guess, since it IS a MESSENGER bag and was meant to be worn as so.
  3. I finally took pics of me in my Besace. No, it doesn't drape, but then again I haven't stuffed it with much yet...
  4. Oh, my! What a fabulous bag!!!! :yahoo: It looks great on you - and the color's wonderful. Cafe's SOOOOO rich-looking!!!!!!!! :love: :love: :love: