Do men notice your purses?


Jun 18, 2007
Do men (strangers) ever notice and compliment your purses? It happened to me tonight and I was floored... The cashier at a convenience store said "I like your purse! That's a really nice color! :nuts:" It was a HH Havana hobo in blush (peach) and I am 100% sure the guy was straight. Right after that the guy next to me said "I like your shoes:yes:" They were just plain brown kitten heels from Kohls. I don't get it :shrugs:

I thought it was a pretty boring outfit, plus I look completely beat because I'm tired and sick. Plus I NEVER get random compliments like this on my wardrobe and accessories from men. I was flattered, but I will never understand men! :confused1:


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Sep 2, 2007
nice! ive had compliments on my eye makeup, or my jeans or something like that from straight guys. they could either be hitting on you or i guess they really do like your accesories :P


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Apr 10, 2007
The only "man" who notices a new handbag is my 5 year old son. He only notices because he's usually digging in there for mints! My husband is oblivious...he thinks all my bags are new (truthfully, most of them are recently!). I've never had a straight man comment on my bag yet...I usually get compliments from straight men on my engagement ring, which I still find unusual!


Dec 21, 2007
Yes. I get some random compliments form my hair all the way down to my shoes. I didn't know guys noticed that stuff!! I have a straight friend who's metro by the way and he notices it. He always comments on my purses, clothes and etc. He's a big fan of LV and Gucci. But still its kind of creeps me out a little how he knows so much about women's purses and designers. He probably reads vogue or something lol I should ask him next time I see him.


Jun 1, 2007
LOL. I've gotten comments from guys saying they like my dress or my shoes.

My male coworkers (both gay and straight) make the biggest fuss about my outfits and accessories. They started calling me Chanel cause I have so much Chanel stuff. :yes:


Jul 24, 2007
Usually guys compliment my clothes when it is sexually appealing to them. But of course, I don't take those as real compliments, those silly boys.

I do talk about purses and designers all the time at work though. Usually with the guys just to annoy them since they talk about cars only like all the time. It's funny how my boss who is a complete emotionless jock knows more about designer bags than almost all of the girls there.

But yeah, I do get occasional compliments on my bags and accessories from guys. It's nifty.


Jul 5, 2007
I have male strangers come up to me to ask where I got my purse, boots, and accessories from time to time.
Male cashiers tend to comment on the wallet/ keyfob I have because it's right there in front of him. Other situation is when they are sitting next/ close to me in a coffee shop, airplane, waiting area. Sometimes I can tell they are just trying to hit on me, but most times they are just interested in getting something similar for their wife/daughter, etc. I wish my bf were this involved in getting a present for me!


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Apr 25, 2006
My PHH (purse hating husband) notices all my handbags which I prefer he not do....

The dentist will notice. If I have a nice bag on the chair, he'll go "oooh! great bag!!" He's also the chatty type so maybe he was just making conversation.

My dear late brother enjoyed buying all the women in his family handbags. He had wonderful taste. He was meticulous, he would look over every stitch and seam. He made sure the leather was all uniform, or he'd ask the SA to bring out another one before he was satisfied. So I'd say he definitely noticed handbags!


Jul 1, 2007
My H will notice any new handbag and not because he is a fan ;) The question that follows next is how much was that?

The only other man who ever noticed one of my handbags was a tradesperson at work who was working in my classroom. I came in and he asked if my bag was an LV and how much did it cost. I was taken back but he then added that his daughter had just bought the same one and he wanted to know how much she had spent. Well, I wasn't going to betray the sisterhood, so I told him it was a present. :nogood:


Apr 5, 2007
I'm in high school, and guys "tease" me about my bags all the time.

They see my bag and they're like, "OH OH DON'T TELL ME! Is that a...COACH?" and when I say yes, they go, " fancy with your designer things" My ex noticed my Coach sneakers one day too... :P