do men make better shoes salesmen?


Shoes salesman: which do u prefer?

  1. Men

  2. Women

  3. I don't care, just bring me the shoes I want

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  1. Just wondering if it even makes a difference to you if they are male/female.. Or you don't care as long as u get your shoes lol... :P

    Asking because...

    1. Nordstroms seems to only employ male shoes salesman

    2. (I NEED TO VENT!) Just got back from Dillards to get my Kenzie shoes.. I asked this girl for help.. she glanced at the shoes and was like no we're out of 6.5, 7.5 is the smallest shoe we carry... Helloo.. did u even check??!! I was there last nite before they closed and they still had my size... I find it hard to believe that in less than a day some random shoe I wanted was out of my size.. So I asked her to check again and she rather rudely said no we're out of them! They prob sell what 500 different pairs of shoes and she specifically remembered the shoe I wanted were all sold out??!! frustrated.. started to leave but some nice MALE salesman came over to see if I needed help and when I asked him abt the shoes I wanted .. he went back to check and LO AND BEHOLD.. my 6.5!!!!!
    The nasty girl was also behind the counter when he checked me out.. and I wanted to tell her off but ended up holding my tongue.. now I'm wishing I had spoken up... Grrrr

  2. I HATE, HATE, HATE trying to buy shoes at Dillards!!!!!!!!!!
    Those girls are hideous! I was there this weekend and had to bust up a big chatty shoe SA gang to try on some shoes. You could tell they were mad at me about it!
    My Nord's has about 50/50 on the male/female SA's. I like them both as long as they're knowledgable and quick to the backroom!
  3. I haven't noticed that...but now that I think about it, I think you're right? Maybe male shoes salesmen are nicer to females?
  4. I guess I generally feel like men are more attentive. But it pretty much depends on the individual SA.
  5. I don't really care... I'd be more uncomfortable with a man hovering around my feet, and I'd be wondering, "OH GOD DOES HE THINK MY FEET ARE UGLY? MY PINKY TOE IS MUTATED?"
  6. i prefer male salemen.. .They are just nicer, i think.... Especially at Saks... i really don't like the female salemen there....

    btw, my brother just got an offered at Bloomies to be a saleman at women shoes. He's very excited about it.. Although i think he's too young thou... only 18.
  7. it doesn't really matter to me. male or female as long as they're pleasant to deal with and actually care about how the shoes look and not just the commission.
  8. I worked with a guy selling shoes. he was so hot (Adonis, I swear), all the women customers loved him. and men would take hid word on the men's shoes.
    so he won. It really wasn't fair, but he couldn't help how cute he was.
  9. I hate to say this, but I'm pretty sure that a lot of male shoe salesmen are foot/shoe fetishists!!!

    As are quite a few floor covering salesmen/fitters; as it gives them the perfect excuse to look down, all the time!!! :yes:

    I have had more than one strange/suspicious experience while being 'tended to' by shoe salesmen and one with a floor fitter; who didn't even try to hide it! :shocked: