Do Masculine Totes exist?

  1. Hi everyone, I need your guys' help!

    I'm trying to find a tote for my boyfriend, because I think they're quite functional and I'm tired of constantly looking at messenger bags.

    The thing is, I'm have a TERRIBLE time trying to find a tote that's masculine enough. I've tried Lacoste, Longchamp's, and Jack Spade already. Though I don't think he want's to spend too much money on say, a Gucci tote.

    Suggestions???? Thanks!
  2. there's this Gucci tote. [here]
  3. Yea, I've been look at that but DB isn't willing to spend

    What are your opinions on the Longchamp's Le Pliage?

    I don't want to have to end up satisfying with one of those Club Monaco or Banana Republic ones.
  4. If you have access to some "vintage" stores, he might like an Old School briefcase or "doctor" bag.
  5. I think Lonchamp Le pliage is a little too feminine. Sadly, I have no idea where to look except for brands like gucci and Louis Vuitton. In that price category there's a pretty big selection though.
  6. Oh wow, the necktie bag is so creative. Where can I find that?

    Yea, I know what you guys are saying. Its hard finding a moderately priced tote that's masculine enough.
  7. Sorry, forgot to mention the maker - the necktie bag is by arydesign.

    There's another seller who makes bags from ties, I wonder if she can make bags that are bigger and more suited for men?


    How about this bag by Mandinka - it's $280 plus shipping, I believe she will do customization.
  8. LV makes men's bags. If you go to
    you can see some nice things.
  9. I think what you are referring to is what some like to call a "mag" or "man bag". I do think that they exist but I think that simpler is always better. I'm sorry that I can't name any specifically off hand. I can only think of the basic ones that places like Coach offer. The only mag that's coming to mind is a diaperbag and makes it. ;)
  10. ThisIsMyPurse, I agree with you about the necktie bag - strange how a bag made from men's ties can look feminine. Maybe a challenge should be issued to the bagmakers of Etsy - to make a quality bag (other than a messenger) for men. Will keep looking ...

    TheGap, what's your budget, please?
  11. I would say about $200 and under.

    Personally, I've noticed that deeper (vertically rectangular or square) totes, with long thick handles (not straps but can also be worn on the shoulder) are pretty masculine.

    And thanks EVERYONE for your input! This is what I love about tPF :heart:

    My DB better realize how much time I'm spending helping him look for the perfect bag :biggrin:
  12. jack spade used to have really nice totes but then when i checked their website, they are all gone, perhaps end of season or something...maybe if you can get some on eBay...they are much more masculine i think and the prices are not as expensive like gucci but when gucci goes on sale, it is already quite affordable.

    by the way, the jack spade colors are like military green and browns. :tup:
  13. there is also a messenger bag that is made out of a suit. i actually got one, take a look at the photo, the one on the left. i got it at london's V&A museum store. this can actually store a lot. it comes in different colors and fabrics as they don't produce anything really alike...(i think) but i remember the one that makes the bags has a website which can be ordered online with no shipping cost! just couldn't place the address...