DO Marc Jacobs Stam

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  1. I've got a Stam hobo in my lap and it does have the little tag inside the pocket, mine indicates that it's Fall 2006 by F06.

    I don't know the kisslock style, but the metal nameplate inside the bag is definitely different than mine. Mine is wider and the font is a bit smaller.

    Hmm.... I'd pass on it if it were me.
  2. Oh im not buying it.

    But I fell awful for the person who is- i sent her an email and repoted it.
  3. I don't know if it's authentic or fake, but I've read that contacting a bidder in an auction (unless you're the seller, of course) can be considered interference with an auction. I'm not an expert on eBay, but I've read that on the purse/accessories board over there. Doesn't seem fair; you can report to eBay what you think is a fake, but I don't think you can directly contact bidders.
  4. Oh, that's fake, so sorry for whoever bought it. But boxermom is right. You can't email bidders. You could get kicked off ebay for that.